Wreck Room - A Destruction Experience

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Wreck Room - A Destruction Experience

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Wreck Room Vegas
Wreck Room is Las Vegas’ newest way to relieve stress – and BestofVegas.com has your tickets for a smashing good time! This unique attraction offers a fun and completely legal way to blow off steam – by destroying things. Some guests may come in with frustrations, anger, resentment and lots of tension, while others come in with the urge to break things for no reason. Either way, you’ll leave feeling light and free as a feather after taking a sledgehammer to breakables including anything from bottles and printers to ceramics and TVs. Before the wrecking, each person will be suited in a full set of safety gear. Think of it as a theme park for angry adults. It’s a destruction experience only Vegas can provide. So tap into those primal expressions of rage, go nuts and see how much you can damage during your time in the Wreck Room!   

Attraction Highlights  
Who hasn’t dreamed of smashing stuff when life gets stressful? At Wreck Room, you will literally get the chance to demolish things, and even better, you won’t feel bad about it afterwards. This is your chance to freely break things without judgement from others. In fact, it’s encouraged. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your mess when you’re done. Once the adrenaline stops and you get your fix of destroying all the items into oblivion, leave the cleaning to the professionals. To express your aggression safely, purchase your discount Wreck Room tickets today.


Standard Wrecking Experience:
Each person wrecks:
• 15 small items
• 5 medium items
• 1 large item

XL Wrecking Experience:
Each person wrecks:
• 30 small items
• 10 medium items
• 2 large item

Duration: 30 Minutes 

Age Restrictions: 18 years of age or older

Wreck Room
4090 Schiff Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
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Unleash Your Anger in All-New Destruction Experience at Wreck Room Vegas

Apr 9, 2018 | by Jena Pugh

Choose your weapon. Choose your destruction. Release the fun.