Caramel Bar and Lounge

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Caramel Bar and Lounge


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Caramel Bar and Lounge (closed)
Smooth as...well...caramel, this bar and lounge will have you feeling right at home. Nestled in to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the Caramel Bar and Lounge presents a sweet spot to start your night, or just party into the early morning! Devoted to the art of cocktails and conversation, Caramel presents a sleek ultra-lounge where you and all of your closest friends can kick-back and unwind. The club is presented by the Light Group, which brought you some of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas such as Bank, JET, and Mist, so you know this place is great!

The smooth ultra-lounge atmosphere gives off a warm and inviting ambiance, enticing anyone who passes to come in. There are no lines here! Just head on in! The large oversized furniture, crisp white marble tables, and warm candlelight glow, give the room the utmost feel of comfort and sophistication. Light up a cigar and sip on one of your favorite libations. Specialty cocktails, such as crisp martinis, your favorite mixed drinks, and house specialties, are mixed up nightly. Exceptional service is provided by the friendly staff in the bar and lounge area. Since the establishment only holds up to 150 people, you can expect to be waited on hand-and-foot. The service is extremely personalized with the low limit of customers allowed into the bar at a time, compared to the other bars, lounges, and nightclubs. But don’t let the people limit make you think this place is small by any means! The club is about 1,500 square foot of pure sophistication. Proper club attire is required to enter the lounge.

Music is played nightly by local DJs. Dance late into the night, or even early in to the morning! Dance along with songs of commercial dance, hip-hop, and Top 40 hits! Caramel is the perfect way to start your night out on a sweet note!



Bottle Service
Full bar available.

Special Nights
S.I.P. (Social Interactive Playtime) Wednesdays 10 pm - 4 am; Bounce Thursday (10 pm)


Located inside Casino

Proper club attire required