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Moon closed after Labor Day Weekend (9/02/13)

Take the glass elevator to the very top floor of the Palms Fantasy Tower, and you will find yourself at Moon, the hottest penthouse in town. With a retractable ceiling that opens to the spectacular Las Vegas sky on clear nights, Moon will have you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.

Moon has an elegant contemporary design with a futuristic feel. Beads hang from what remains of the ceiling as you make your entrance into the club, in which orb-shaped VIP tables and an elegant winding staircase add a touch of glamour. Pay close attention to the floor below you as it changes colors under your feet. Steel is the element of choice at Moon, and the walls are glass so you can see the Las Vegas Strip 53 stories below you.

Though the retractable ceiling provides an unbelievable view, don’t stay home just because it looks like rain; at Moon, the ceiling is equally impressive when it’s closed. On cloudy nights, the retractable roof doubles as a projection screen that plays images of live events happening throughout the club. If you have a little too much to drink and happen to draw attention to yourself, you just might even see yourself on the roof screen.

It’s not just the stars in the sky you’ll see at Moon; it’s likely you’ll see some of your favorite movie stars as well. And since Moon is small and intimate, club-goers are advised to get there early to avoid a long wait.

Moon features a VIP area on the second level with a balcony overlooking the Strip. Plasma TVs displaying live feeds of the action on the street also provide a cool perspective when you get tired of admiring the view, though we doubt you ever will. After enjoying Moon’s unique perspective and atmosphere, you’ll have a hard time returning back to Earth.