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The Bank
One of the newest and hottest nightclubs on the Strip, The Bank at the Bellagio gives whole new meaning to the word “decadence.” The club’s atmosphere is established from the moment you ascend up an escalator to the club and enter a foyer filled with clear glass walls revealing hundreds of bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal. This elegance is continued throughout the design of the 6,600 square-foot club itself, a chic black and gold multi-tiered space with a glass-encased dance floor at its lowest tier.

Formerly known as Light, the club underwent a complete face-lift transforming it into the nightlife mecca it is today. With elegant VIP booths layering the center dance floor, light fixtures in the ceiling and floor providing a 360 degree light show, and a state-of-the-art sound system, Bank is now easily one of the most glamorous nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Given the multi-level design of Bank, you can enjoy an interesting view no matter where you stand in the club. And thankfully, there are rails for setting your drink on in almost every area, a godsend for the female partier also balancing a cell phone and purse. Bank is also exclusive; be dressed to impress if you hope to get in and party with all the beautiful, young people. The effort you took to get ready will be well worth it, though, as Bank offers excellent music (a mix of hip-hop, rock, and techno), stellar service from the friendly and attentive bartenders and cocktail servers, and a less crowded scene than other Vegas nightclubs. And every ten to fifteen minutes, scented foam falls from the ceiling for a fun stir to the dance floor.

Like many other Vegas nightclubs, Bank offers European-style bottle service, as well as drinks at two separate bars. And though Bank is certainly not the most inexpensive nightclub at the Strip (what did you expect from a club called The Bank?), you’ll get your money’s worth at this Las Vegas nightlife sanctuary.