Located on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, Ghostbar provides all the mystery that its name suggests as it has both a sleek nightclub and a sophisticated ultra-lounge. Named after a ghost-shaped lighted panel that changes colors as it illuminates the ceiling over the bar, Ghostbar is one of the most aesthetically pleasing clubs in Las Vegas.

With indoor seating as well as a large outdoor patio, there are plenty of places to relax at Ghostbar. The outdoor tables make an excellent place for light conversation with friends, and several VIP tables inside provide a cozy and trendy spot for enjoying the club’s European bottle service. Ghostbar also features a cool and calming décor. In keeping with the ghost theme, the use of curved lines and soft hues is prevalent throughout. And if you’re looking to try something truly spooky, you can step onto a glass floor that gives you the feeling that you are walking on air hundreds of feet above the ground below you.

What Ghostbar is most famous for, however, is its view. Floor to ceiling glass windows give club-goers a 180 degree view of the lights of Las Vegas. And if this doesn’t impress you, step out onto the outdoor terrace for some even more breathtaking views. The glass-enclosed balcony gives patrons the feeling that they are floating in mid-air.

Ghostbar is a great place to see some of the hottest and trendiest people in Las Vegas. As the club is often frequented by celebrities, there is almost always a long line to get in, so be sure to get there early if you want to guarantee your spot. With its ultra-cool design, ample seating and non-traditional club feel, Ghostbar is sure to haunt your memory long after you leave Las Vegas.