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Legends in Concert

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Legends in Concert
There’s only one way to see past and present superstar icons of the Las Vegas Strip like Elvis, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga grace the same stage – Legends in Concert at its home at Tropicana Las Vegas. The longest-running production show in Sin City, Legends in Concert puts together the biggest and best tribute artists to deliver a production that will knock your socks off. Now in another record-breaking season of bringing some of the world’s most influential icons to the stage, the show incorporates back-up singers, talented dancers and a live band to make a live performance unlike any other in Las Vegas! Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Legends in Concert is one of the top tickets to grab from BestofVegas.com.

The Tribute Artists
Legends in Concert is known the world over as the premiere live tribute show, and you’ll know why once you step inside the new Legends in Concert Theater at the Tropicana Las Vegas. These musical legends are brought to life with their own voices, but the combination of their sound, look and even mannerisms make it so that both your eyes and ears will believe you have taken a step back in time! Legends in Concert continuously revamps its lineup and no two shows will be alike – from bringing Whitney Houston to the stage and everyone’s fan-favorite Elvis to welcoming Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra to the next performance.

Show Highlights
If you want to watch the best tribute artists in the world, then purchase your tickets to Legends in Concert, a truly must-see during your Las Vegas vacation. This incredible production features great choreography and show-stopping performances that are on par with these legends themselves. There is simply no other show in Vegas that is close to being as star-studded as Legends in Concert. And who knows? You might find the tribute artists to be even better than the real thing! Don’t miss out on the great deals for Legends in Concert that you’ll find only on BestofVegas.com.



Show Schedule:
Monday - Wednesday, Friday at 7:30p; Thursday and Saturday 4pm & 7:30pm.
Starting May 2nd , Legends in Concert will only perform at 7:30pm Monday-Saturday.

Dark Days:

Age Requirements:
Ages 5+

Show Duration:
75 minutes

Legends in Concert Lineup:

February 11-June 30
Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Lady Gaga

Tropicana Theater - Legends in Concert
3801 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
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