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Outfit at Cher Las Vegas


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If you love Cher, then you'll love her spectacular show at the Park Theater at Park MGM, which is a fun-filled compilation of elaborate sets, unbelievable costumes, and of course, Cher's best and beloved hits. Anyone who's forgotten why Cher is considered a diva will quickly remember during this electrifying show, in which the legendary star proves she still has the musical magic. 

Cher is all about the music as she goes through the hits of her career spanning five decades. With a unique voice and a rare contralto range, Cher's musical style is like no other, and you'll be reminded of her pop power as the singer casually floats through cool hits like "The Beat Goes On" and "Believe." While she sings, advanced visual technology adds emotional power to the performance, and dancers performing beautiful choreography add a healthy dose of fun.

If there's one thing Cher's known for (other than her music), it's her outfits, and Cher's Vegas show may have her most sensational wardrobe yet. Each song is accompanied by a dazzling and elaborate outfit and wig, with each wardrobe change more amazing than the last. 

While Cher makes her wardrobe changes and the stages prepare for the next song, the audience is treated to spectacular visuals including clips from Cher's popular TV shows and films. Cher has joked that the show is fun "even when I'm not in it," but the fact is that you won't look at your watch even once during this visually astounding and action-packed extravaganza. 

Few stars have had the commercial success or amount of hits as Cher, who found her big break along with husband Sonny Bono as part of the duo Sonny and Cher. Now, after releasing 25 albums and selling over 100 million records worldwide, Cher is one of the most popular female artists in music history, and she's returned to her Vegas roots with a show bigger and more fun than anything Sin City's seen before. You'll want to "turn back time" if you miss a chance to see this diva at Park MGM in the best show of her career.

Show Highlights
Be there as Cher returns to the Las Vegas Strip in Classic Cher at the Park Theater at Park MGM. From a series of hit songs to costume glitz and endless glamour that the Grammy, Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner is known for, this is one production spectacle you don’t want to miss. has your discount tickets to experience a true legend LIVE in partnership with AEG Live and MGM Resorts International. Get your tickets today and see Cher in her element – dominating the stage with her talent and one-of-a-kind presence. "I plan to make this my best show ever," said Cher. "I am extremely excited about both of these new theaters they are state-of-the-art and beautiful."


Show Schedule:
October 31 at 8pm
November 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17 at 8pm

Show Duration:
Approximately 90 minutes

Age Requirements:
Ages 5 and over permitted. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (18 yrs. Of age or older)


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