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Crazy Girls

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Crazy Girls
Just as sexy and exciting today as when it debuted over 30 years ago, Crazy Girls remains a classic fixture on the Las Vegas Strip. Playing at Planet Hollywood, the sultry show blends beauty, dance, music and a celebration of the female form in a naughty and entertaining 75-minute show.

Featuring the sexiest ladies in Las Vegas – wearing their famous G-strings – this titillating revue spotlights a sultry cast of professionally trained dancers performing world renowned choreography, with hot routines, ranging from boot-stomping pole dance numbers to bawdy, burlesque classics. The provocative Crazy Girls is a must-see show for both men and women looking for a night of risqué entertainment in Las Vegas.

Behind a thumping, rock n’ roll soundtrack, the eight cast members strut across the stage, mixing solo performances and group numbers. It’s one sizzling, sexy routine after another. In the finale, the girls get racy with each other on stage with faint lighting above, making this show the ultimate tease – and putting to rest any question on why this show is named Crazy Girls! has your tickets today for a truly seductive show that has been wowing Vegas for more than three decades.

Show Highlights
Crazy Girls is the ultimate topless revue, and one of the sexiest show tickets to have on the Las Vegas Strip. Crazy Girls has celebrated over 30 years of sensual dance with the world's sexiest showgirls, and still are one of the most-visited topless revues in Vegas. These sexy, talented performers love to mingle with the audience, so be prepared to join in with the naughty fun. The show is always changing, from new dancers to new stage numbers added each week, which adds a nice element of surprise when you watch the performance. This is a show you don’t want to miss in Vegas. It’s a big dose of non-stop, full-tilt sexiness for 75 seductive minutes when Las Vegas’ hottest showgirls hit the stage. Prepare for pulse-racing, jaw-dropping fun with Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood. 


Thursday-Tuesday at 9:30PM

75 minutes

Age Limit:


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