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Jeff Civillico

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Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action
The talented Jeff Civillico delivers an entertaining blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts and amazing juggling skills at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. A family-friendly show with plenty of energy and lots of laughs, Civillico whips up a superb performance juggling everything from bowling balls and knives to chainsaws and fire, then switches gears and balances a twelve-foot ladder on his chin and maneuvers a giant unicycle. Civillico’s interactive routines provide the ideal setting backdrop for his sparkling personality, spontaneity and special connection to the audience. It’s all part of what he calls “Comedy in Action.”

His trademark pizazz and hilarious commentary are matched with everything from balancing, dish spinning, and an escape act to the most unbelievable and most challenging juggling you’ve ever seen with a unique twist. Kids and adults from the audience join Civillico on stage to take part in the clean comedy fun, creating a hilarious and unique experience every show. With tickets from, join in on the antics of Jeff Civillico in the best comedy show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Show Highlights
If you want to see one of the best clean Las Vegas comedy shows, Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action is on the top of the list. The afternoon shows are also just the right time for the kids. You might think it’s Jeff Civillico’s risky knife juggling or the straightjacket escape while on the unicycle that has audiences captivated the most, but honestly it’s his off-the-cuff style, energy, and interaction with willing participants that will make you a believer. The show is jammed packed with Jeff Civillico’s signature hysterics paired with an innovative performance that is great for the family and will have everyone hypnotized by his finesse. A man of many talents, you’ll never know what he’ll do next, which is what makes a Las Vegas show memorable. Be part of the fun with Jeff Civillico with tickets from


Age Requirement:

Show Schedule:
Wednesdays at 7pm

Show Duration:
65 minutes



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