Masters of Illusion

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Masters of Illusion

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Masters of Illusion
There’s nothing like a fabulous magic show to capture your imagination. Now you can make a beeline to the Vegas Strip to see some of the most talented magicians in the world take the stage with the arrival of Masters of Illusion. Born from the award-winning show on The CW Network entering its 4th season, Masters of Illusion is just the kind of amazing performance that Las Vegas is famous for. Prepare for a captivating performance filled with incredible card tricks that will leave you speechless and vanishing acts that will have you shaking your head. A blend of veteran and up-and-coming magicians show off their skills with mesmerizing sleights of hand. The magic is so spellbinding, you will be wondering all night long, “How did they do that?” Buy your tickets to Masters of Illusion on for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Step into the enchanting world of magic for a performance filled with family fun. With a wide array of awe-inspiring illusions, death-defying tricks, and astounding sleights of hand, you’ll see why Masters of Illusion has been wowing millions of viewers on The CW Network. Come ready to be part of the fun because you never know when the magicians might ask for an assistant from the audience. Enjoy a magical evening in Las Vegas and see Masters of Illusion!


Show Schedule:
Wednesday-Monday at 7:30pm

Age Requirements:

Show Duration:
90 minutes


5 Reasons to See ‘Masters of Illusion’

Jan 2, 2018 | by Jena Pugh

Prepare to be spellbound at Masters of Illusion, now playing at Bally’s Jubilee Theater in Las Vegas.