Puddle's Pity Party

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Puddle's Pity Party

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Puddles Pity Party
He’s a seven-foot-tall singing clown whose act is truly one of a kind. His work is part comedy, part performance art and part truly moving experience. This is Puddles Pity Party, and he’s coming to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for a series of unforgettable performances. Hailed as “The Sad Clown with the Golden Voice,” the Pity Party is an experience that combines imaginative humor with true emotion for a transporting evening like no other. He has performed everywhere from America’s Got Talent, where he was a quarter finalist, to Postmodern Jukebox and earned more than 100 Million YouTube views along the way. Plus, his celebrity fans include such names as Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman), Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Penn Jilette, Drew Carey, Eric Idle, Nick Offerman and more. Come see for yourself why The New York Times praises his “textured voice laced with melancholy” and the Boston Globe calls him “hysterically funny.” Get your tickets for a great seat and a fantastic evening of comedy – with terrific discounts here at BestofVegas.com!

Show Highlights
It’s all happening at the luxurious and elegant Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This is a classic Vegas lounge and bar experience, with a dazzling replica of the vessel that carried Cleopatra on the Nile, complete with red and gold design motifs. And of course, there’s so much to explore at Caesars Palace, before or after Puddles Pity Party. You can take in the world-famous casino, where you can play slots, poker and table games. Or you can check out the astounding restaurants, from casual cuisine to Nobu Restaurant Las Vegas, Old Homestead Steakhouse Las Vegas, Mesa Grill, and so much more. Bask in this entertainment experience that’s endlessly enjoyable and totally unique.


Show Duration:
90 minutes

Age Restrictions:


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