Redneck Comedy Magic

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Redneck Comedy Magic

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Redneck Comedy Magic
Get ready to have a boot stompin’ good time with James Michael and the Redneck Comedy Magic show. A break from the norm of Vegas magic shows, James Michael takes the show to the dirt road in the raunchy show that is perfect for Sin City. With plenty of drinks, bad words, and fun, the Redneck Comedy Magic show will be a hit on the strip.

The star of the show James Michael is a jack of all trades. Magician, comedian, fitness model, and the best drinking buddy anyone can have, he’s performed all around the world. Now he’s bringing his country charm and wit to the Las Vegas stage. Known for his sleight of hand, perfect comedic timing, and fun antics on stage, the Redneck Comedy Magic show is sure to be a good time for a night out. has your discount tickets to see this all-new strip magic act. So dust off your boots, get your drink on, and enjoy this hilarious new Vegas act that finally makes a break from the stiff magic shows Sin City has become accustomed to.

Show Highlights
Prepare for a boot stompin’ good time with James Michael and the Redneck Comedy Magic Show. What do you get when you take street magic to the dirt road? A country good time starring the hilarious James Michael. The Redneck Comedy Magic show brings a raunchy and hilarious show to the Strip. Blending traditional magic, hilarious magic, and country charm this isn’t your run of the mill magic show. Let show you a good time with discount tickets to the all-new Sin City show.


6:00pm Wednesday - Monday

70 minutes

Age Limit:
6:00pm shows - 18+

Stratosphere Dragon Room - Redneck Comedy Magic
2000 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
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