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Vinnie Favorito

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Vinnie Favorito
Roasting the likes of Magic Johnson, Pat O’Brien and Larry King, Vinnie Favorito is known for his signature style of comedy. A disclaimer in his show even says “If easily offended, you might want to see another show…the show intends to offend and will not subscribe to any ideas of political correctness.” Yet that same hilarious comedy is the perfect way to spend a day in Las Vegas. has your discount tickets for Vinnie Favorito Unfiltered, the perfect comedic outing on the strip. Get the feel of sitting in on a big celebrity roast, but be on the lookout, you may just be the center of the comedic gold.

Show Highlights
Vinnie Favorito Unfiltered is the perfect way to experience a celebrity roast from the master! Rising to notoriety because of his roasts of Tom Arnold, Magic Johnson, and various other entertainment icons, Vinnie Favorito honed his skills for years. Now he's bringing the same style and feel to his show, and you may be at the brunt of some of the most hilarious and edgy comedy on the Las Vegas strip.


Wednesday - Sunday; 8pm

75 minutes

Age Restrictions: