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X Burlesque University

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X Burlesque University
Bring out the burlesque in you and transform yourself into one of the divas on the Strip when you enroll in X Burlesque University at the Flamingo Las Vegas! Learn first-hand what it takes to perform at one of the most popular burlesque shows in Sin City from its actual performers. Ever had a fantasy of transforming yourself into one of these talented and beautiful women? Then X Burlesque University is for you! The girls from this popular show will teach you everything they know during this 75-minute class, taking you from a guest into a show-stopping performer. Learn everything from their signature dance moves, how to properly apply showgirl make up (hello, fake lashes!) and get a professional souvenir photo and makeup kit to take home. The small class size is perfect for everything from a girl’s night out to a Bachelorette party! 

Show Highlights
Guaranteed to be the most fun class you will ever attend, X Burlesque University will transform you from an audience member into a leading lady! Every afternoon at Bugsy’s Cabaret at Flamingo, the ladies from the hit show X Burlesque take to the stage to share their secrets – from tangible tips like how to dance in high heels and how to apply model-worthy makeup to techniques and tips on being more seductive and how to achieve the subtle sex appeal that these girls have perfected. Although you may receive a diploma upon completion of the “course,” the things you will learn at X Burlesque University will last you a lifetime! Secure your spot today at BestofVegas.com.  


Age Requirements:
Must be 18 years of age or older.


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