Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour

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Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour

Save $10!
tickets from $109
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Goodsprings Ghost Tour
A ghostly world awaits when you visit a haunted Nevada town during the Goodsprings Ghost Tour presented by Vegas Specialty Tours. has great tickets for this spirited night that begins with a complimentary round-trip ride from Las Vegas to the town of Goodsprings, Nevada, that’s been shown on “Ghost Adventures.” En route to the old town, your tour guide will provide you with the history of Goodsprings as well as the Saloon, while also getting you ready with information about some of the most famous ghost stories.

Once in town, you’ll enjoy a pizza party at the famed Pioneer Saloon. A tour of this drinking hole built in 1913 will reveal all sorts of interesting tidbits of its use in television and films. But there’s also a few ghosts said to have been seen by patrons and employees of the bar. This is also where you will also get the tools you need to truly investigate the paranormal. An EMF meter, temperature fun and other tools of the trade will all be explained to you before you set out on your hunt. From there you’ll investigate the tattered remains of abandoned miner’s cabins, destroyed buildings and chill-inducing old cemetery; you’ll even try to contact that spooky duo of spirits said to inhabit the saloon. Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes because of the uneven terrain during this Vegas tour. The hair on the back of your neck will stand up. But is it from fear or an apparition coasting by?

Tour Highlights
There's simply no better way to visit the Old West and test your threshold for fear during your Las Vegas vacation. The thrill of the chase is alive and well for you as you use the latest ghost hunting tools. Plus, you'll hear stories about Clark Gable sitting at the Pioneer Saloon as he waited on hearing of his wife Carole Lombard's fate from the crash of TWA Flight 3 in the nearby Potosi Mountain. This is an otherworldly experience that's second to none in Vegas, and tickets to this adventure will have your adrenaline pumping from shear excitement.

Please Note: This tour will involve walking through uneven terrains (deserted and destroyed buildings and a cemetery). Please wear close toe shoes as sandals and open toe shoes are not permitted for your safety.


Tour Information:

  • Food is provided
  • Beverages are available for purchase
  • No Sandals or Open toed shoes
  • Wear warm clothing in the winter months
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to Tour Departure for check in

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour Duration:
Approximately 4 hours

Age Restrictions:
18+; 13 years of age and up are allowed if accompanied by parent or legal guardian

Vegas Specialty Tours
255 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
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