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Area 51 VIP Tour

Save up to $20!
tickets from $184
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Area 51 VIP Tour
One of the most popular tours in Las Vegas to date, the Area 51 VIP Tour by Adventure Photo Tours brings you face-to-face with astonishing landmarks, scenic views and gives you insider knowledge about every location leading up to the perimeters of Area 51, the top secret military base in the middle of the Nevada desert. Start your day at Janet Airlines, the top secret airline that transports a fleet of highly-classified passenger aircraft. After a drive through Joshua Tree Forest, the tour arrives at the mysterious Dry Lake, where you can view unusual Indian Petroglyphs that resemble aliens, before driving down the scenic “Extraterrestrial Highway” and arriving at the Little A’Le’Inn. Home to countless documentaries and movies like Independence Day, this area will also be home to your delicious lunch! Finally, the tour winds down at the Black Mailbox Location, a place where UFO enthusiasts gather to watch the sky at night, before arriving at the perimeter of Area 51, where you will encounter the guards (also known as the Men in Black) with their high-powered weapons. Signs that read “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly Force Authorized” make you wonder what exactly it is they do there, but your guess is as good as anyone’s! Get as close as you can to the real home of the X Files with discounted tickets to Area 51 VIP Tour at!

Tour Highlights invites curious souls to embark on an extreme tour to the top-secret Area 51. With Area 51 VIP Tour tickets at great prices, you'll get an experience of a lifetime as you enjoy treasured landmarks, lunch, professional tour guides and breathtaking scenery of southern Nevada. We guarantee adrenaline will be racing and hearts will be pounding as you reach the edge of the most secretive government facility in the country. Included in this approximately 10-hour tour is lunch at the famous Little A'Le'Inn, great photo opportunities, unlimited bottled water and snacks.


Tour Schedule:
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00am, return to Las Vegas approximately 5pm

Tour Duration:
Approximately 10 hours hotel to hotel

Age Restrictions:
All ages

Adventure Photo Tours - Area 51 VIP Tour
3111 S Valley View Blvd. X 106
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
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