Ghost Town Explorer Tour by Bindlestiff Tours

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Ghost Town Explorer Tour by Bindlestiff Tours
Save $20!
tickets from $189
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Ghost Town Explorer Tour
Leave the wild times of Las Vegas behind to explore a whole new world during the Ghost Town Explorer Tour from Bindlestiff Tours. Your adventure begins when you enjoy complimentary pick-up (and later, drop-off) service in either a modern SUV or Mini Bus at your Vegas hotel. The first stop on this journey you can do with discount tickets from will have you soaking in the wonder of the Hoover Dam and its man-made reservoir Lake Mead. Next up is a jaunt to Chloride, Arizona, which was once a silver mining town and is now home to many gorgeous artistic sculptures. After taking a ride along historic Route 66, guests will find themselves in Oatman, Arizona, which is home to 150 residents and one apparition. Yes, his name is “Oatie the Ghost” and it is believed by the locals that former Irish miner William Ray Flour took on this ethereal form after being killed at the Oatman Hotel. Visitors will also revel in the awe-inspiring views of the Black Mountains, wild donkeys and tumbleweeds that give this area so much character that you can’t help but take a photograph. And all the while, you’re learning about these areas with a friendly and extremely knowledgeable tour guide. After a delicious packed lunch (included in your ticket) and a drink at the local saloon in Oatman, you’ll head back to Vegas with a drive through the Mojave Desert on the Veterans Memorial Highway.

Tour Highlights
There might not be a better way to spend a day on your Las Vegas vacation than seeing some of the outlying areas that give this region its distinct flavor. Seeing towns that were once incredibly busy now as quaint little hamlets can be a bit humbling. But your courteous tour guides will put everything into perspective. And if these old towns that seemingly haven't been touched by Mother Nature don't pique your curiosity, then the foreboding Black Mountains will give certainly catch your attention on this Las Vegas tour you can do for less with discount tickets from!


Tour Schedule:

Saturday at 8:00am

Tour Duration:
Approx. 10 hrs hotel to hotel

Age Limit:
7 years or older

2510 E. Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
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