Gunship Helicopters

Save up to $500

Gunship Helicopters

Save up to $500



Gunship Helicopters
Are you looking for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime? Gunship Helicopters offers the only Las Vegas experience where you can shoot machine guns from a moving helicopter. After a pre-mission briefing, orientation, and gun simulation to prepare for your adventure, climb aboard a A-Star 350 B2 chopper to fly high over Mojave Desert. Take aim with a M249 SAW Light Machine Gun at metal targets that look like zombies and airplanes. With a range of more than 800 yards, the targets will really put your shooting skills to the test! Get tickets to Gunship Helicopters on for the ultimate outdoor thrill ride.

Featuring a 71-acre shooting range in North America’s driest desert, Gunship Helicopters lets you live out your fantasy of firing a machine gun while you soar over the stunning Southwest landscape.

Don’t worry if you miss because there’s always more ammo to take aim at the AR500 reactionary targets. First-time shooters and beginners are always welcome, so don’t miss out on this high adrenaline adventure.


Tour Duation:
Approximately 4 hours, Hotel to Hotel 

Age Restrictions:

Daily, 8:30am and 12:30pm