Big Bus Silent Disco

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Big Bus Silent Disco

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Quiet Events: Big Bus Silent Disco
It’s a Las Vegas dance party/bar crawl you won’t soon forget! The Silent Disco Bar Crawl Dance Party sends you to the hottest bars in town, from the Las Vegas Strip to the heart of Downtown/Old Town Las Vegas, all while partying aboard an open top deck bus. At the first bar you’ll receive a pair of glowing headphones that can tune into two channels of music: a mix of 80’s, 90’s, 2k and Hip-Hop, plus Top 40 and EDM. Switch between the channels and the headphones change colors from green to blue indicating what you’re listening to.

Tour Highlights
With headphones on, you jump off at popular locations, singing and dancing and having fun while checking out all the cool bars. As you cruise around, your guide will have the group start a flash mob; find couples and make them kiss, get random people to show-off their dance moves, and even kick-start a line dance. It’s a wild party – Vegas style! Visit today for tickets for a one-of-a-kind Las Vegas experience: the Big Bus Silent Disco Bar Crawl Dance Party.


Wednesday & Saturday at 7:00pm

approximately 4 Hours

Age Limit: