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Vegas Mob Tour

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Vegas Mob Tour
Organized crime is as much a part of Las Vegas history as neon lights, slot machines, & Frank Sinatra. has the lowdown on the Vegas Mob Tour, the perfect occasion to hear all the juicy details and classic stories about the mob and their connection to Sin City. You’ll feel like you recited the Omerta to join the mob.

Your tour begins with a little history lesson in the form of a mini-documentary outlining the mobs influence on Las Vegas. Your tour guide will also be the key to learning about the various famous (and infamous) Las Vegas mob stories – from the Hollywood celebrities and Bugsy Segal, to the murders, disappearances, and connections between the mob and the Las Vegas casinos. To add even more authenticity to this spectacular tour, you will get first-hand information from FBI Special Agent Dennis Arnoldy and ex-mob triggerman Frank Fullotta. Finally, finish off the trip with a good Italian pizza party where you can reminisce about all the fun you had on this Vegas tour.

Tour Highlights
Delve into the dark history of Las Vegas with the Vegas Mob Tour. Prepare for a journey into the dark past that earned Vegas the nickname "Sin City." The Vegas Mob Tour is an extensive tour that includes videos, newspaper clippings, photos, and even information from those who were there to give you the entire history of Mob influence in Las Vegas. You can even enjoy an authentic slice of pizza when you book your tickets with!


Daily at 4:00pm

2.5 hours

Age Restrictions:
18+; 13 years of age and up are allowed if accompanied by parent or legal guardian


Vegas Specialty Tours
255 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
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