Experience the thrills of freefalling at Vegas Indoor Skydiving
From racing a Ferrari at high speeds to leaping from the 108th floor of a skyscraper, it’s easy to get your heart rate up in Sin City.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Experience the thrills of freefalling without ever stepping on a plane or using a parachute. Vegas Indoor Skydiving uses massive wind turbines to let you soar through the air. And with padded walls and a mesh trampoline for extra safety, you’ll never have to worry about your landing, even though you’ll be hovering more than 12 feet above the ground. Buy tickets to Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Axe Monkeys
Test your skills on the largest axe-throwing range in the country. Catering to all levels, Axe Monkeys features 23.5 throwing lanes and 47 specially designed targets. Your weapon of choices includes a huge variety of axes and knives. Start off your session with a few practice rounds, and then compete against other patrons to show off your newly acquired talents. Buy tickets to Axe Monkey 

Pole Position Raceway
On your mark. Get set. Go! Put the pedal to the metal for an exhilarating trip around the indoor go-kart racetrack. Adult drivers can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour during races that last up to ten minutes. Strap on your helmet and drive as much as you want with an All-You-Can-Race Unlimited Daily Pass. Buy tickets to Pole Position Raceway

Race down the Rio on Voodoo Zip Line

Voodoo Zip Line
Ride up to the 50th floor of the Masquerade Tower for the ride of a lifetime. Glide at speeds of up to 33 miles per hour as you soar 500 feet above the world-famous Vegas skyline. The heart-pounding journey on Voodoo Zip Line takes you between two buildings at a distance of nearly one-third of a mile! Buy tickets to Voodoo Zip Line

High Roller
Marvel at the 360-degree view of the Strip from the world’s largest observation wheel. See Sin City from the inside of a spherical cabin made of Italian handcrafted glass. Your amazing ride is 30 minutes, the exact time it takes for the wheel to rotate fully. No – this isn’t your father’s Ferris wheel. Buy tickets to High Roller

Exotic Car Driving
Are you ready to get behind the wheel and test your driving skills on a Formula One racetrack? Buckle up for an action-packed ride that takes you around sharp curves, sudden elevation changes and a half-mile straight away to the finish line. Choose from an incredible selection of flashy cars. This is the rare chance to feel the power of a Ferrari or Lamborghini – don’t miss it. Buy tickets to Exotic Car Driving

Test your skills at Top Shot Las Vegas 

Top Shot Las Vegas 
Take your best shot at this state-of-the-art virtual firing range. This live-shooting experience has everything from real firearms to authentic scenarios in the real world. However, you won’t find live ammo because Top Shot Vegas uses non-lethal training methods. This revolutionary training facility uses the same futuristic technology as law enforcement and the US Military. Buy tickets to Top Shot Las Vegas

FlyBoard and Water JetPackages
Want to know what it feels like to be a superhero with special powers? Now’s your chance to make it happen in Sin City. Experience the thrill of flying above the water at this heart-pounding Vegas attraction. Strap into your FlyBoard or Jetpack and let the water pressure push you high into the sky. Buy tickets to FlyBoard and Water JetPackages

SkyJump at Stratosphere
Ride up to the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower for a leap over the neon lights of the Strip. Your adventure starts high above the sidewalk at more than 850 feet in the air. Take a deep breath, then jump into the desert sky as you fly at up to speeds of 40 miles per hour. It’s an only-in-Vegas experience. Buy tickets to SkyJump at Stratosphere

VR Adventures
Discover the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality like you’ve never seen before. Explore a spooky haunted house or glide down a mind-blowing zip line. Choose from a collection of unforgettable adventures including Soaring Superhero, House of Horrors, Freefall Zipline and Fly n’ Shoot. Buy tickets to VR Adventure

Las Vegas, NV – 7/14/17

By: Craig Nelson