Las Vegas is known for its sizzling pools and every year, scantily clad people descend upon the Strip to soak up the sun, dance and splash to top DJs and drink. As we head into 2018 pool season, here are 10 tips to keep you safe and having fun:

1. Come early
The line for guests to purchase general admission to Vegas pools can be very long, especially on weekends. Make sure you arrive early to skip the lines and find a prime spot poolside. At some day clubs you’ll even be rewarded for showing up early, like with free lounge chairs.

2. Carry proof of ID
Just like a Vegas nightclub, Vegas pools require ID for entry. A driver’s license, passport or government-issued identification card is acceptable.

3. Don’t bring too much stuff
It’s tempting to pack up a giant backpack or purse with all of your stuff for the pool but most Vegas pools will either search your bags thoroughly or have strict policies that these items must be put into lockers before entering the pool. Plus, even if you could bring in a bag it could easily be swiped.

4. Protect your cash
Since you’re trying to limit what you bring in what do you do with your cash? Waterproof armbands, wallets and pouches worn around your neck are a few ways to keep cash close and dry. You can also just stick to credit and debit cards and open a tab. Some pool clubs offer lockers, which is a great way to stash your cash.

5. Protect your phone
So you know you aren’t going to be bringing a ton of stuff but you definitely need your phone. What exactly do you do with it to make sure it doesn’t get soaked? Definitely get a waterproof case. Between pool water, booze and sweat, it will need to be protected.

6. Wear flip flops
It’s fun to show off your swim style with a hot bathing suit and high heels but we encourage you to leave the platform heels at home and wear flip flops instead. Chances are you will be drinking and heels and drinking never mix. Also, make sure you WEAR the flip flops. Most people will be running around barefoot and things can get quite dirty at a party so protect your feet.

7. Drink water
The average summer temps in Las Vegas is 106! If you’re drinking in this heat you can become dehydrated quickly. We suggest stopping every so often to sip on water. This will ensure you can last until the nighttime pool party fun.

8. Bring sunscreen
The sun is brutal in the desert so make sure you bring your sunscreen and apply every 30-minutes even if you are swimming or sweating. If you forget, most pools sell SPF but just make sure you get it on.

9. Reserve a cabana
Again, the desert sun is brutal so we suggest spending the money to rent a cabana. Not only will you be shaded form the sun but your rental will help you skip the line and get straight to laying out. Cabanas also usually come equipped with flat screen TVs, mini fridges stocked with water and a safe to store your valuables.

10. Don’t get too drunk
It’s a Vegas pool party, we know it’s exciting but pace yourself. If you want to be able to last into the night and enjoy a nighttime pool party or one of Vegas’ many clubs then you’ll want to stick to a couple of drinks and then chug the water.