Explore the depths of the generator room on a VIP tour or travel in a luxury Hummer 4x4 right from your hotel. Here are five incredible tours from Sin City.

Hoover Dam Express Tour by Gray Line
Climb aboard a luxury motor coach to see the impressive manmade wonder up-close. Hoover Dam Express includes a VIP tour by a government guide to give you an exclusive inside look. And don’t worry about missing any fun by the pool or on the casino floor. This tour gets you to the dam and back in just 5 hours. Buy tickets to Hoover Dam Express Tour by Gray Line

Hoover Dam Tour by Big Horn
Cruise to the Hoover Dam in style with a professional tour guide in a deluxe Hummer 4x4. Have your camera ready because on the way, you’ll drive through Boulder City and past beautiful Lake Meade. At the dam, you’ll go deep inside this world-famous power plant where you can view the massive generators and penstock pipe room. Buy tickets to the Hoover Dam Tour by Big Horn

Hoover Dam City Deluxe Tour by Gray Line Tours
Upgrade your tour of the Hoover Dam in a state-of-the-art bus. Recline in a comfy seat and gaze through the panoramic window as you ride out of Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for the largest manmade lake in the Western Hemisphere on your way to the dam. An official government guide takes you on a two-hour tour, followed by a complimentary lunch at the Hoover Dam Lodge. Buy tickets to Hoover Dam City Deluxe Tour by Gray Line Tours

Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Tour
Get out on the water during your next Vegas vacation. Just a short ride from the Strip, you can cruise along one of the biggest manmade lakes in the world on a Mississippi-style paddle boat. Your next stop is the Hoover Dam where you’ll enjoy a 2.5-hour VIP tour of this mammoth attraction that powers parts of Nevada, Arizona and California. Buy tickets to the Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Tour

Hoover Dam VIP Tour
Are you ready to get inside the tallest structure in the world of its kind? Welcome to the Hoover Dam. You’ll kick off your experience at the Visitor’s Center to learn about this 1930s-era landmark. Afterward, climb inside the famous generator room, and then enjoy the amazing view from the top. The tour also includes a screening of the Hoover Dam Movie. Buy tickets to the Hoover Dam VIP Tour

Las Vegas, NV – 7/17/17

By: Craig Nelson