This October, step out of the neon light and into the shadows, where you’ll experience the spookier side of Las Vegas. The city’s history is riddled with mobsters, murder and curses built into the very foundation of Strip hotels. For visitors who prefer haunted saloons to glamorous nightclubs and ghost stories to casino magicians, Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to plan a self-guided tour of the most haunted places in Las Vegas. If you’re macabre-minded, consider this creepy itinerary.

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The Luxor
Is it any surprise that the Luxor is haunted? Think about it: The Luxor is a giant pyramid, which is basically just a big fancy tomb. Step inside the eerily quiet atrium (the largest in the world by volume), and you’ll be standing in the very place where a woman jumped to her death in 1996. The Luxor is also haunted by a man who accidentally fell to his death, as well as construction workers who died while building the resort. Numerous TripAdvisor reviews contain reports of eerie sensations, apparitions and phantom voices. Superstitious visitors claim the Luxor is cursed due to the fact that the giant Sphinx outside is facing the wrong direction (east instead of west) which is bad luck. 

Fox Ridge Park
Creeking swing sets. Shifting silhouettes of trees in the wind. This is Fox Ridge Park in Henderson, a place you definitely do not want to visit after dark – unless you’re in the mood to meet the ghost of a little boy who haunts the playground here. Legend has it that the ghostly child likes to lure visitors to the swings after dark. In 2018, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren investigated the site and detected a chaotic electromagnetic background that he believed to be “a portal.”

Sandhill Road Tunnels
There are hundreds of miles of tunnels snaking beneath the streets of Las Vegas. Designed as flood channels, they also serve as a subterranean refuge for the city’s homeless population – and in the case of one particular stretch on Sandhill Road and Charleston Boulevard, a pair of ghostly residents as well. According to local lore, the area is haunted by a couple who died in a motorcycle accident some time ago. Visitors have reported hearing whispers and moans from inside the dark mouth of the tunnel.

On November 21, 1980, the most deadly disaster in Nevada state history happened right on Las Vegas Boulevard. A fire broke out at the original site of the MGM Grand (now Bally’s), killing 85 people. Victims died from smoke inhalation, burns and in one case, from jumping out of a window to escape the flames. The affected hotel tower is still intact, and unknowing guests book rooms in it every day. Shadowy figures and inexplicable noises plague the hallways where the ghosts of those who died in the tragic fire still roam.

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum
While most of the haunted sites in Las Vegas – especially those on the Strip – are not advertised, there is one place you can visit this October that revels in ghosts, curses, murder and mystery. Located in a 1938 house that is believed to be haunted by the unfriendly spirits of former residents, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is devoted to housing its namesake owners collection of oddities including Dr. Kevorkian’s van and the Dybbuk Box, which is believed to be the most haunted object on earth.