Although he originally hails from London, Matt Goss is a Las Vegas fixture. Dubbed “the new King of Vegas,” Goss performs his signature solo show at The Mirage, and just recently celebrated his 100th performance at the resort, which included being honored with the proclamation of “Matt Goss Day” on August 8 by Clark County and The Strip.

Matt Goss at The Mirage is a captivating performance of non-stop action, glamour, style and vintage Las Vegas style entertainment – don’t blink, or you may just miss a mesmerizing moment. With a soothing, flawless voice and magnetic charisma that could break a thousand hearts, Goss’s live show is a must-see, larger-than-life event that will leave the audience hypnotized for days.

We got to tap into the creative mind of this talented performer and learn more about is favorite Las Vegas hot spots.

What is your favorite show to watch when you’re not performing?
Matt Goss
: Absinthe and (The Beatles) LOVE. They’re all so very different. O is pure beauty. LOVE has incredible music and cast. Absinthe is an original and edgy comedy.

Las Vegas is well known for great eateries, and the locals have turned brunch into a hot social hour. What is your favorite brunch spot?
Matt Goss
: DW Bistro is a great local hang. The people are always fun, and the restaurant has great food. Andiron has beautiful styling and atmosphere. Jazz Brunch at the Wynn is also a favorite because there’s jazz and there’s brunch.

Las Vegas plays home to quite a cast of characters, and the visitors add interest as the guest stars. On the Las Vegas Strip, what is your favorite place for people-watching?
Matt Goss
: From my secret suite in a secret hotel I can’t mention.

Everyone knows you have a great sense of style. What is your favorite place to shop?
Matt Goss:
The Shops at Crystals. It’s a work of art for a shopping mall – a peaceful and beautiful experience.

Where in Las Vegas do you go to find inspiration?
Matt Goss
: Red Rock Canyon. It’s magical. It’s also place I can go by myself or with my brothers and connect with my mum or loved ones we’ve lost. Nature is a huge part of my reset process.

Don’t miss Matt Goss at The Mirage October-November.