Evil Dead the Musical in Las Vegas

Celebrate Halloween in Vegas by seeking out ghosts and dancing in the moonlight at the spookiest experiences in town.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt
Let the ghoulish usher in your Nevada vacation with the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt, a journey that begins in Las Vegas and features a round-trip ride to the city of Goodsprings. In this old city, indulge in fresh pizza and tasty drinks at the Pioneer Saloon, a bar and eatery first established in 1913. Be warned, however, that patrons often report seeing ghosts haunting the venue’s halls. From abandoned mine shafts to dark cemeteries and dilapidated buildings, there’s no better place to go on search of eerie ghouls.

Evil Dead the Musical
Three beloved horror movies materialize take the stage. Encompassing Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, this musical is set – naturally – within a demon-infested cabin in the woods. A spirit strikes a group, and vows to transform each person into a demon, including the chainsaw-yielding hero named Ash. Though gore and guts characterize this musical parody, its one-liners and quirky songs keep the atmosphere light – as light as dismemberment and dripping blood can be.

Zombie Burlesque
Ever dreamed of uncovering sexy monsters and dancing past daylight, like in the Michael Jackson “Thriller” music video? With Las Vegas’ Zombie Burlesque, you now have your chance to turn that fantasy into an “undead” reality. Set in the Atomic Era of 1958, this musical pairs witty humor with sensual dancing. Bring Halloween to new heights with this memorable show that has been compared to the likes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Haunted Vegas Tour & Ghost Hunt
Tunnel people, the Motel of Death and EMF meters – oh my! Thanks to the Haunted Vegas Tour & Ghost Haunt, these ominous features are uncovered along the Strip. This specific tour focuses on the reality behind ghost stories, so actors or artificial sets are involved. Whatever paranormal activities you stumble upon with your tour guide are real – or are they? On this two-and-a-half-hour tour, you will explore infamous ghostly, crumbling structures where alleged murders have taken place.

Forbidden Ball
Set aside your inhibitions and embrace your sexier side with Forbidden Ball featuring Disclosure at Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay. Set amid the steamy backdrop of a legendary hotel, make this a Halloween to remember, with sexy costumes, delicious drinks and a bass-dropping night of EDM.

Las Vegas, NV – 8/24/17

By: Amy Sapp