If Halloween is your Christmas, than Las Vegas is exactly where you need to be this October. The city celebrates all month with costume parties, haunted houses, dry ice cocktails and casino decorations that will put your neighbor’s carved pumpkin display to shame. Whether you’re looking to get wild at a nightclub, stroll the streets with your family or wait until the witching hour to see where the night takes you, here are six tips for having the best Halloween ever on the Las Vegas Strip.

Know the Dress Code
Many a Las Vegas newbie has made the mistake of choosing a costume with a mask only to be denied entry to a casino, nightclub or bar. Unfortunately, no matter how cool your Friday the 13th mask is, it might be the thing that prevents you from getting into the Halloween party of your dreams. Before you choose your costume, make your plans and check the dress code. You should also consider how comfortable your costume will be for what you’ll be doing. Wearing wings to a crowded bar, for example, can feel like the opposite of flying, and going as a ghost to a pirate-themed party can feel decidedly off-theme.

Find Out What Night the Strip is Actually Celebrating Halloween
Until the day when Halloween is rightfully made a national holiday that everyone has off, many Las Vegas venues will celebrate the occasion on the nearest weekend. On years that Halloween falls on a weekday, plan on donning your costume the weekend before or after. Check event listings on the Strip to get a feel for which day the majority of festivities will fall on.

Check the Weather
October 31st is a real wild card in southern Nevada when it comes to weather. Some years, the summer lingers, making that Dracula cape sweltering. Other years, winter comes early, bringing gusty winds and surprisingly cool nights. Check the forecast before you go out to see if you need to bring a sweater to wear over your sexy kitten costume.

Win Money at a Costume Contest
Halloween in Las Vegas offers an alternative to gambling for those who are looking to leave town a little richer. If you’re the kind of person who spends months putting together an ornate and eye-catching Halloween outfit, look for costume contests at nightclubs, bars and elsewhere on the Strip for a chance to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Everyone Should Experience a Vegas Nightclub Halloween Once
There’s nothing like a Las Vegas nightclub Halloween party. From world-class DJs to wickedly sexy costumes, everything is over-the-top and completely ridiculous in the best way possible. Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s an unforgettable experience. If you’ve never been to a nightclub on the Strip before, or if there’s a particular venue you’re curious about, Halloween is the best possible time to experience it.

For a More Low-Key Experience, Consider These Spots
Okay, so you’ve done the nightclub thing and now you’re ready for something a bit more laid-back. Or maybe you’re visiting with family or someone who is under 21. You can still have a blast this Halloween by hitting up low-key (well, low-key for Vegas) spots on the Strip, like the LINQ Promenade and The Park, where you’ll find trick-or-treating, free entertainment, Instagram-able dining specials and plenty of people-watching.