Take a Seat at the Revolving Bar at Whiskey Licker Up
You’re not imagining it – at Whiskey Licker Up inside Binion’s Gambling Hall, the bar is moving. Situated beneath a glass dome overlooking the Fremont Street Experience, this round bar rotates 360 degrees every 15 minutes. Coincidentally, that’s about how long it takes to knock back one of the bar’s signature cocktails. 

Sip Alongside Sea Creatures at Mermaid Lounge
Spending time in the desert can make you miss the ocean. If you long for the sea, head to Mermaid Lounge at the Silverton Casino, where you’ll find a 117,000-gallon saltwater tank filled with tropical fish and actual mermaids. Okay, they’re not actual mermaids – they’re women wearing fins – but after a few rum-spiked drinks, it doesn’t really matter.

Meet Foul-Mouthed Parrots at The Golden Tiki
Chinatown’s premier tiki bar has always been an oasis of weird. From its shrunken heads to its giant clamshell that’s tailor-made for selfies, the 24-hour bar is a truly wild experience. Recently, The Golden Tiki became even wilder thanks to the addition of animatronic birds that love to talk – and by talk, we mean talk dirty. 

Experience Automated Mixology at Tipsy Robot
At Tipsy Robot inside Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, mechanical bartenders do the shaking, stirring and pouring. Step inside, customize your drink using a tablet and submit to our robot overlords. 

Find a Secret Playground at Park on Fremont
Las Vegas locals and visitors who frequent Fremont Street love to gush about the back patio at Park on Fremont. The next time you hear someone rave about the lush, garden setting adorned with oddball art pieces, string lights and neon, casually mention that you prefer the secret back back patio. The hidden space features a seesaw, imported straight from your schoolyard days.

Confuse Your Taste Buds at Chandelier Bar
Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas would be a unique enough destination even if it weren’t for its signature cocktail. The bar is nestled inside a chandelier, after all. The opulent spot is also a great place to sip the city’s most intriguing drink. The Verbena cocktail features a Sichuan flower—aka a “buzz button”—that will alter your taste buds and make your mouth feel like it’s hallucinating. Seriously, try it.

See Famous Art at Picasso 
Picasso at the Bellagio is a swanky restaurant from Chef Julian Serrano that’s known for its impeccable wine collection and its collection of paintings from Pablo Picasso himself. Take a seat at the bar, order a bottle of something nice and enjoy the view.