Supersized drinks are so ubiquitous in Las Vegas that it’s not really a question of where you can find giant cocktails, but where you can find regular-sized cocktails. Still, when selecting the perfect yardstick-long margarita for your journey down Las Vegas Boulevard, it’s important not to choose just any old giant bucket of ice and tequila. From counters where you can grab a novelty frozen cocktail and take it with you to sit-down spots, here are your 8 best bets for ordering a supersized drink in Las Vegas.

Paris Sidewalk Bar
If you want to drink hard liquor from an Eiffel Tower or a porcelain hot air balloon, look to the walk-up bar at the base of Paris Las Vegas’ own one-third replica of the Eiffel Tower. That’s where you’ll find those signature Eiffel Tower cups that everyone on the Strip is drinking pina coladas out of.

VooDoo Rooftop Lounge
Rio’s VooDoo Rooftop Lounge is known for breathtaking Strip views, one of the city’s ever-increasing number of ziplines and the famous Witch Doctor cocktail. Made with five types of rum, this fluorescent goblet uses dry ice for an added effect.

HEXX Kitchen and Bar
Situated right beside the sidewalk in the center of the Strip, HEXX is the perfect mid-day sit down spot for giant cocktails. Go for shareable cauldrons and punch bowls, or if you’re dining in for brunch, opt for the The Colossal, a huge Bloody Mary adorned with an Alaskan king crab leg.

Fat Tuesday
When you think of frozen, boozy drinks that come from machines at sidewalk bars in Vegas, you’re likely picturing Fat Tuesday. With seven destinations in Las Vegas, you can’t go wrong with a yard-long daiquiri from here. The 190 Octane, which is made with grain alcohol and orange juice, is alarmingly popular.

Numb is another dependable quick stop for mega-sized frozen drinks. Located at Caesars Palace, Harrah’s and Tropicana, you can order a 62-ounce frozen cocktail here. If you happen to finish yours, refills are a bargain (okay, not really) at $30.

Who hasn’t dreamt of drinking Red Bull and vodka out of a 46-ounce silver container that looks just like a big bottle of champagne? At Shiver, located inside Planet Hollywood, you can live that dream. 32-ounce cocktails are also available if you’re slightly less thirsty.

Park on Fremont
Teamwork makes the dream work at Downtown’s Park on Fremont, where you will definitely need to wrangle a few friends to polish off the bar’s giant Moscow Mule. For $60, you can enjoy a huge copper mug filled with vodka, lime and ginger beer. Drink it on the whimsical, sunny patio and enjoy the warm desert air.

A Las Vegas mainstay since 1972, Peppermill is your north Strip destination for trippy neon vibes and 64-ounce Scorpions. Grab a seat in the lounge or belly up to a table and enjoy one along with the restaurant’s signature French toast ambrosia at 2 a.m. Only in Vegas.