Is Madame Tussauds haunted? According to Travel Channel investigator and Las Vegas native, Zack Bagans it is! After being locked in Madame Tussauds at The Venetian overnight for Season 6 of Ghost Adventures, the ghost hunter has concluded that there is something mysterious happening at the famous celebrity wax museum.

Zack spent 7 hours locked in Madame Tussauds after security guards on night duty reported unexplained and paranormal happenings. Laughter and clinking of glasses had been heard in the museum and guards were scared to enter a lower level area because they say they’ve been pushed away by ice-cold hands.

Zack said of Madame Tussauds, “There is definitely some unexplained activity there-wow! We particularly had some physical experiences and unusual readings on our Mel Meter scientific equipment, especially near Tupac Shakur’s wax figure. We started talking about how he was killed only a couple blocks away on The Strip.

“The result was very interesting, and we also captured some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena). We haven’t fully reviewed all of our audio and video evidence yet, but we did in fact capture what appears to be a couple of mist-like anomalies in the downstairs Viva Las Vegas rooms.

“The most fascinating findings, which we believe the staff there has also seen through our interviews with them, an apparition in ‘70’s attire walking around near where the old Copa Room was. We strong believe, by using a communication device designed by leading scientist Bill Chappell, that we communicated with this spirit.

“We came to the conclusion that this spirit is not at rest. It actually blew my mind, as it led to information connected to the then-Mafia mob that ran Vegas in the old days.”

That’s all Zack would reveal. He’s making us wait until the episode airs to see what spirits lurk in Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. But he did say, “…It is true: Las Vegas never sleeps, including the dead!”

Zack filmed the one-hour episode of his Travel Channel hit about old-time Vegas. Aside from filming at Madame Tussauds, he also filmed at the new Saxe Theater in Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood to capture some of the old-time entertainment of The Strip back in the days of the Mob.

If you want to learn more about whether Madame Tussauds is really haunted, you’ll just have to wait until Ghost Adventures airs. Until then you can always visit the wax museum and see for yourself if you feel the presence of the dead! And right now is offering Madame Tussauds tickets for just $20! Experiencing the ghost of Tupac Shakur and any other has never been so cheap!