Katie Finn and Jacob Palmer plan to revolutionize Las Vegas nightclubs one party at a time. Their mission is acceptance. We all know Vegas, like Hollywood, is about the beautiful people, but the old adage on beauty is there for a reason. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for many people not all beauty comes in a size 2 package. Finn and Palmer know this very well, as Finn considers herself a BBW and Palmer proudly proclaims himself to love them. They realized Vegas needed a place for women of all shapes and sizes to party down, so they started Plush Nightclub at the Aruba Hotel & Spa.

Last week the Tuscany Hotel held the 13th Annual Vegas BBW Bash, welcoming BBW’s from across the nation. This convention featured parties, seminars, social networking and vendor fairs for a thousand BBW’s. Not sure what a BBW is? BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman/Women—a term coined to describe ladies of a larger size. This term has since evolved into a movement of its own. BBW’s strive for acceptance of size and equal treatment in society and the workplace. They do not ignore the obesity epidemic, nor do they shun healthy habits. As a matter of fact, they endorse healthy habits—BBW’s just want people to realize that size should never be the deciding factor in anything, and that big can be beautiful. The women of the BBW Network also want you to realize these ladies can party just as hard as any other, and that’s what they did thanks to Palmer and Finn’s Plush Nightclub at The Thunderbird Lounge in the Aruba Hotel & Spa.

Plush Nightclub will be a special event addition to the Thunderbird Lounge’s lineup. Finn and Palmer are already planning the club’s next set of events, which includes a birthday bash for Jacob on August 21st. These 21 and over events feature VIP bottle services and cover charges like most Las Vegas nightclubs and BBW’s, BHM’s (Big Handsome Men) and FA’s (Fat Admirers) are welcome. Although there are other BBW events across the nation, and the annual BBW Bash is a famous event, Plush Nightclub will give Vegas members a permanent place to party. “Everyone from all over the country congregates here every year for some big celebration,” said Palmer, “but there is no real BBW community here, as far as clubbing/nightlife goes.” Both founders hope to provide a sophisticated atmosphere for club goers waiting to party hard while being themselves. No expectations, just acceptance.