Editor's Note: Sexxpresso is now closed.


It might be obvious that the bachelor (and friends) need a hot cup of coffee after a long night of partying in Las Vegas clubs. However, it might not be obvious that the bachelor should skip Starbucks and head to Sexxpresso, Las Vegas’s only erotic coffee shop.


In true Vegas fashion, coffee at Sexxpresso is served by half naked baristas who are waiting eagerly to fill your cup. The coffee isn’t bad either. The Sexxpresso girls are trained baristas and they don’t skimp on anything (besides their clothes).


The coffee brewed at Sexxpresso is shipped in straight from Italy and if the coffee doesn’t wake up the groom, the beautiful girls will. Although only a drive-thru (and not a full on strip club), Sexxpresso offers sexy creations like the “Porn Star," a latte with chocolate-covered cherries.


You can’t miss the Sexxpresso bus on the side of the road, or the lingerie-clad ladies standing out front of it holding signs that read “coffee” as if they are raising money for charity. Bachelor parties should skip the boring coffee shop and make Sexxpresso part of their Las Vegas tour.

670 E. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV