When one thinks about Las Vegas…the common phrase of “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” often comes up. Personally, I wish that phrase would stay in Vegas and never come back…

BUT what do you wish would have stayed in Vegas? We asked our friends at the Five Hundy by Midnight Podcast to pose that question to their listeners, with the “BestofVegas.com Best of Challenge!” Numerous listeners turned in their answers to this very question and we have picked the best list! James Jeansonne, an avid listener to the Five Hundy by Midnight Podcast! His answers were unique and definitely things that should stay only in Las Vegas!

His Top 5 Things that he wishes would have stayed in Vegas were...

1. The Adult-only theme.
He feels as if it seems like Vegas is slowly-but-surely crawling back to the adult-only vacation destination. But, he thinks that the move towards Vegas becoming a family destination should never have occurred. I understand that parents are obviously going to bring their children to Vegas every now and then, maybe Grandma wasn’t available, but Las Vegas is primarily an “adult-playground.”

2. Sands Hotel & Casino.
The Sands Hotel & Casino was a Las Vegas staple and it is completely understandable why people miss it. People love classic Las Vegas. It was a time filled with classic shows, glamour, and filled with history. It is important to know where the big cities get their start from, and the Sands Hotel & Casino is definitely one of the original Las Vegas icons.

3. The Original $3.99 Buffets.
Who doesn’t miss the good ole’ days of cheap buffets! You used to be able to get a whole lot, for not a lot of money…now-a-days…not so much. Buffets do tend to be pricey, but if you are starving and ready to eat…they are definitely a great option and a great bargain!

4. The Las Vegas Heat.
“No where but the desert should reach 100 degrees,” says James! And, I could not agree more! Las Vegas can keep their dry and HOT-HOT heat! Good thing Las Vegas has all of those great pools, man-made beaches, spa-treatments, and ice-cold beverages to keep us cooled off!

5. Your Public Record!

This one goes back to the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” (as much as we all cringe when we hear it). In Vegas, everyone seems to develop a unique alter ego, one that only seems to come out to play the second you land at McCarran airport. The baggage of home is left on the plane, and you come off as a completely different person. So whatever you may do in Vegas, legal or illegal, classy or trashy…let’s hope that record stays in Vegas.

Thanks to James for his great list! Stay tuned to Five Hundy by Midnight’s podcast for the winner of the Gordie Brown show tickets! All of those who submitted a list will be put in a random drawing and will be announced by Tim on his podcast! So make sure you stay tuned! We look forward to seeing who the winner will be and looking forward to the next “BestofVegas.com Best of Challenge!” Keep listening to Five Hundy for the next contest!

Ta-Ta For Now!

The Ranting Redhead