When one thinks about Vegas, the glitz-and-glamour, casinos, bars, shows, and fun are some of the first things that come to mind. School would seem to be one of the furthest things from your mind when vacationing in Vegas, but Vegas is actually home to one of the best public universities in the country.

The University of Las Vegas is in the Strip’s very own backyard. Located on a 350-acre piece of land-grant property at the southern-tip of Nevada (in a desert valley) for over 50 years now, the University of Las Vegas is home to over 28,000 students and 3,300 faculty & staff members. Undergraduates make up nearly 78% of the campus, while the other percentages are those in graduate or professional level courses. As an acclaimed public coed university, the campus is 44% men and 56% women. One of the rarities of this university, compared to other large public institutions, is that their faculty to student ratio is 20:1. This allows the faculty to provide one on one attention to their students, giving them a more personal college experience. With this unique experience, it is no wonder why some of the brightest students in the country choose to attend UNLV. Over 82% of incoming students were in the top 50% of their graduating class and the average GPA on campus is 3.34.

With over 220 undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs available (and not to mention the on-going entertainment and night-life of the Vegas Strip), it is clear why so many students flock to this desert retreat to hit the books. All of the programs are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Some of the most popular majors/programs at the University are Elementary Education & Teaching, Hospitality Administration & Management, and Psychology. Striving in academics, UNLV has evolved in to one of the top urban research institutions. With over $74.8 million set aside for research at the University, faculty and students have been researching numerous topics such as: genetics, cancer & cell aging, stress, DNA repair, and even researching information for NASA missions to the Moon and Mars. In a recent statistic, UNLV was ranked as the 4th “Fastest-Growing University in the Nation in the Output of Articles in the Sciences & Engineering Fields.” Also, in 2007, UNLV’s “Ph.D. in Literature with a Creative Dissertation” was ranked as one of the Top 5 in the country.

However, living in Las Vegas as a student, one cannot forget all of the “other” aspects that the campus has to offer. With over 120 student organizations, students are sure to find something that interests them. The campus is always abuzz with activities. There are eight fraternities and six sororities on campus, but only 8% of the student-body participates. There are 17 Division 1 intercollegiate sports at UNLV. Students love to catch all of the action at the women’s basketball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, softball, cross country, equestrian, golf, tennis, and track and field events, as well as the men’s basketball, swimming, baseball, football, soccer, golf, and tennis events. If you think living in the desert would hold these teams back from championships, then you are wrong! The Women’s Soccer Team clenched the Mountain West Conference (MWC) regular season title for the fourth season in a row this past year and the Men’s Tennis Team won their first-ever MWC Tournament title. Other athletic activities for students can be found at their newly built 188,000 square-foot Student Recreation & Wellness Center. Here students get full use of an Olympic size swimming pool, whirlpools, circuit training equipment, cardio machines with entertainment systems built in, and an indoor track. At the facility, there are also workshops offered on stress management, fitness/aerobic classes, outdoor adventure trips, intramurals, club sport clubs, equipment rentals, a Student Health Center, Pharmacy, and the Office of Student Counseling & Psychological Services. And of course, there is always the entertainment of the Las Vegas Strip right at the fingertips of the students (after they finish their studying, of course!).

The city of Las Vegas seems to offer something for everyone. This is also the case for UNLV. With tons of courses and majors to choose from, numerous activities, and a great education for students of all skill levels it is no wonder that students choose to spend their four years in Las Vegas as a UNLV “Rebel.” With the fun of the Las Vegas Strip right around the corner, one of the top institutions in the country, and tons to offer its students, the University of Las Vegas really is an oasis in the desert.

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