Absinthe will continue to get you drunk in Las Vegas for years to come. The Gazillionaire, host of the hit show at Caesars Palace just announced he inked a long-term deal with the Vegas hotel.

No word on how long the deal is but Gaz said in a statement, "Mind you, this deal is for so many years, I will probably eventually leave Wanda to perform the show on her own, or bring back Penny Pibbets as I will be so old."

The show is by far one of the most thrilling Caesars has ever put on, which is exactly why Gary Selesner, regional president of Caesars Palace, thinks the extended run is great for Caesars and Vegas in general.

"Whether it's filming a blockbuster movie, Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen or Spiegelworld's Absinthe, it's all about creating a resort experience that is unique not only in Vegas, but globally, and is fun for our guests," said Selesner in a statement. "Absinthe is one of the most exhilarating shows in a theatre in the history of Las Vegas. Well, in a tent anyway. Seriously, we couldn't be more excited that Absinthe will be at Caesars Palace for years to come."

The Gazillionaire added, "You got it Prez! Added to that, Absinthe will be delivering fun across two shows every day of the year now. On Super Bowl Sunday - two shows! Christmas Day - two shows! Stormy Daniels' attorney's birthday - two shows!"

Absinthe was recently proclaimed “The #1 Greatest Show in Las Vegas History.” Like its name suggests, the show is intoxicating with a mix of burlesque, vaudeville, and circus. You’re not quite sure which one you’re at but it doesn’t matter. The combination of all three plus a little humor and Absinthe is a must-see.

Absinthe performs Monday through Sunday at 8 & 10 p.m. You can find discounted tickets to the show right here on Best of Vegas.