In a city where casinos continually battle for visitors’ attention (and dollars), it would seem like you can’t go a day in Las Vegas without seeing an ad for a new restaurant opening or hearing about the latest Strip comedy or magic show launch. This can be great – in a you’ll-never-die-of-boredom sort of a way – but it can also feel overwhelming, too. With so many changes happening in Sin City over the last year, keeping track of it all can feel impossible. So, just in case you missed them, here is a list of five new shows, bars and thrill rides that opened in 2018.

Fly the LINQ Zipline
Opening date: November 9, 2018
Just when you thought the Strip had every entertainment option known to man, the LINQ Promenade proves you wrong by introducing the Strip’s first zip line. Though flying 35 miles per hour over crowds of shoppers and concertgoers might not have been something you would have ever dreamed of doing on the Strip, now that Fly LINQ exists, you can’t imagine why no one thought to add it before. Fly LINQ hurls riders from a 12-story structure on the edge of Las Vegas Boulevard through the air toward the High Roller – the LINQ Promenade’s main attraction and the tallest Ferris wheel on the planet. Riders have the option of flying in a seated position or “superhero style.” Whichever option you choose, you’ll be 1,090 above ground and strapped in for 30 seconds of thrilling fun. In addition to the High Roller and the music venue Brooklyn Bowl, the LINQ will soon be home to I Love Sugar (the world’s largest candy store) and Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club. Both are scheduled to open in 2019.

Hang out at the new lounges at the Palms
Opening date: May 2018
The Palms recently underwent a $485 million remodel, and some of the most talked about renovations include the addition of the Camden Cocktail Lounge (located where the Social used to be) and Apex (the boutique nightclub that replaced Ghostbar).

The Camden Cocktail Lounge, which has been promoted as a very “un-Vegas” bar, features silk rugs, gold and velvet accents, two Richard Prince paintings, and a 15-foot bookcase. The unique cocktails and seductive ambiance make it a chic, cosmopolitan choice for a pre-club drink (try the Venice Girl, which features Belvedere Citrus vodka, strawberry and vanilla gomme, lime and basil). The Apex, on the other hand, embraces Vegas stereotypes with a decadent and opulent setting. Offering a 180-degree view of the Vegas skyline as well as expensive art and sculptures by Brooklyn artist Dustin Yellin, the new Apex (located on the hotel’s 55th floor) offers both locals and visitors alike a chance to drink and dance in heady sophistication. 

Watch I Love the ‘90s at Paris Las Vegas
Opening date: October 2018
Whether you loved the ‘90s or not, the I Love the ‘90s Show promises a concert production that is “all that and a bag of chips.” The show is based on the popular nostalgia concert that toured the US for three years (Vanilla Ice was one of the headliners). In the Vegas version, Salt n’ Peppa, Rob Base and All-4-One headline, making I Love the ‘90s the Strip’s first-ever hip-hop residency. Though the reviews are still trickling in, the show has already been receiving buzz on Yelp and social media, with audiences praising it for the “house party vibe.” The Las Vegas Review Journal says that I Love the ‘90s “delivers a solid groove to the Strip.”

Ride the Virtual Reality Roller Coaster at New York New York
Opening date: February 2018
At the beginning of the year, The New York New York Hotel and Casino’s famous Big Apple Roller Coaster underwent a high-tech update: virtual reality. At 4,777 feet in length, the coaster now has the distinction of being the longest virtual-reality coaster on the planet. At first glance, however, nothing about the ride has changed – the coaster still loops and corkscrews around the hotel’s iconic New York Skyline and it still zooms at speeds of 67 miles per hour. But riders now have the option of donning a VR headset while they ride, which shows them a very different view of the scenery outside. The Vegas Strip is there, but so are aliens and UFOs.

Catch the Lady Gaga Residency at the Park MGM
Opening date: December 2018

Following in the footsteps of the likes of pop stars Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga will soon be opening a residency in Las Vegas. The six-time Grammy winner will be performing nightly at Park Theatre at Park MGM Hotel and Casino in a show that will be a unique addition to the Strip’s all-star roster of performers. Not only will Mother Monster perform a selection of her greatest hits, but she’ll also perform stripped-down versions of her top songs as well as covers of jazz standards.