When most people think of Vegas, they see bright lights, large crowds, and hear the steady buzz of entertainment. Rarely would you consider Vegas to be one of the most destination cities for outdoor activities, but it has more to offer than most major cities when it comes to roaming around the great outdoors! We don’t think there is any better time than Fall, when the temperatures, though still somewhat steamy, finally settle somewhere south of scalding. Of course, we wouldn’t send you into the desert wilderness without a seasonal beverage, because it doesn’t quite feel like autumn until we smell the aromatic blend of nutmeg and cinnamon. 

Sunrise Coffee
3130 E Sunset Rd.
Sunrise Coffee is one of our favorite spots, and they do not disappoint when it comes to seasonal flavors and speciality lattes! They boast offering everything from “pour overs to exquisite handmade lattes,” with a range of milk alternatives and bites that are “healthy, delicious and homemade.” We guarantee it’ll feel like autumn after you enjoy one of their amazing pumpkin spice lattes – even if temperatures still push the 90s in September! 

The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon
with Gray Line, Big Horn, Adventure Photo Tours and More
More than a few Vegas-based companies in Las Vegas offer hikes and tours through the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon with a casual, fun vibe that ensures you’ll be focused more on seeing the sights than worrying about the journey. We recommend the Grand Canyon Sunset tour, where you will venture through the Hoover Dam, and then over to the Grand Canyon, on a scenic drive culminating in the perfect desert sunset. 

Evolution Expeditions
10300 W Charleston Blvd.
Evolution Expeditions offers a wide range of incredible kayaking tours through some of the most beautiful areas in the southwest. We recommend the Kayak Emerald Cave experience, which is roughly three hours and allows you to see historical sites and plenty of wildlife along the way. You will feel refreshed and one with nature after this amazing tour! Looking for an even more adventurous way to enjoy the fall weather in the region? Try an ATV/Razor Off-Road or Land Sailing Tour.