Using the term “after-hours” to describe a bar or club in Las Vegas may seem redundant. In a 24/7 city, where drinking and gambling are offered around the clock and many bars never close, it almost goes without saying that nearly every bar on the Strip is an “after-hours bar.” But there are some bars and restaurants that provide more than a 4 a.m. nightcap and a greasy plate of French fries. In true after-hours fashion, the venues chosen for this list offer a vibe, a buzz and a scene for those who subscribe to the philosophy that the best time to party is not after the sun goes down, but rather, just as it comes up.

The Artisan
Before 2 a.m., The Artisan can sometimes feel like a ghost town. Or, thanks to the hotel’s gothic architecture, retro furnishings and 100s of neo-classical paintings, perhaps “haunted mansion” would be a more apt comparison. This casino-less boutique hotel is situated on the edge of a neighborhood populated with several of the city’s most popular Strip clubs. After midnight, employees and patrons of these neighboring gentleman’s clubs spill over into the Artisan for a cocktail, a turn on the dance floor or a dip in the pool (the pool is outdoors, heated and topless – though that last part is optional).

Why The Artisan is a great after-hours hangout:
Even when it’s crowded and there’s a DJ blasting techno outside, the Artisan has a relaxed and welcoming vibe. It’s known as a gathering place for fans of alternative lifestyles, which makes it a fun place to meet some interesting characters. Order a cocktail inside in the lounge – the hundreds of paintings that line the walls and ceiling will make you feel like you’re drinking in an art museum – then head outside to dance on the patio and watch the sun rise over the city.

The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge
The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge has been a popular breakfast spot since it opened in 1972. This is partly due to the giant portions and affordable pricing, but it’s also due the Peppermill’s convenient location. The free-standing diner is a located on the Strip across from Circus Circus, just a short cab ride or healthy walk away from some of the city’s most hopping night clubs. It’s perhaps for this reason that the Peppermill has also become a well-known after-hours hangout for everyone from casino shift workers and performers to club kids and working girls. It was even once known as a popular meeting spot for the mafia.

Why The Peppermill is a great after-hours hangout:
The Peppermill is open 24 hours a day and is not only a restaurant, but also a bar and lounge. So whether you’ve worked up an appetite on the dance floor and are looking to refuel on pancakes and hash browns, or aren’t quite ready for the night to end and are looking to enjoy one last cocktail before the sun comes up, you’ve got options. The Fireside Lounge (named so for its signature fire pits) is one of those old Vegas lounges that you don’t see very often – small, with red velvet couches, pink florescent lighting and cocktails the size a football.

Bootlegger Italian Bistro
The Bootlegger is an old-school bar and restaurant that serves excellent Italian food 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Owned and managed by an Italian-American family for over 65 years, the Bootlegger has managed to do what other Vegas establishments have not: It’s survived the city’s push to modernize and remains quintessentially, happily Vintage Vegas – preserving a slice of Southern Nevada’s history for fans of a time when the city was smaller, and neighborhood bartenders knew everyone by name. Over the decades, a number of celebrities have frequented the Bootlegger – and even performed there – including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Why The Bootlegger is a great after-hours hangout:
On Mondays, local singers and casino musicians come to the Bootlegger to perform to an intimate crowd of both locals and out-of-towners. Although the weekly event begins at 9 p.m., it regularly goes until the early hours of the morning.

Drai’s After Hours Club
No after-hours bar list would be complete without mentioning Drai’s After Hours. The club has catered to late-night party-goers since 1997, pairing an intimate, underground lounge scene with the best hip hop and house music. As the rest of the city is maneuvering through morning rush hour or carting the kiddos to school, Drai’s is frequently still packed with last night’s stiletto-clad and hair-gelled partiers.

Why Drai’s is a great after-hours hangout:
Drai’s has consistently been ranked as one of the coolest places to party after the rest of the clubs have shuttered for the night. Open daily from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m., Drai’s offers guests everything they need to keep the party rockin’ past the break of dawn, including a dimly-lit dance floor, 55 bottle service tables and 13,000-square-feet of space, spread out across four rooms.

Denny’s in Downtown Las Vegas
If you’ve been bar-hopping on East Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas and need something sating to eat to soak up all the alcohol, then Denny’s is the place to go. The Denny’s is open 24-hours and is located in the Neonopolis shopping complex on the Fremont Street Experience.

Why Denny’s is a great after-hours hangout:
As it is in Denny’s across the US, come 3 a.m., the Downtown Las Vegas Denny’s is usually packed with bleary-eyed partiers, hungry and tuckered after a long night of boozing. But what makes this Denny’s unique is that it also has a full bar, so if you’re looking to chase your plate of pancakes with a tequila shot, you’re all set. Denny’s also has a built-in wedding chapel (in case you’re looking to chase your plate of pancakes with a wedding?). Couples can tie the knot in the chapel, take photos in the diner’s photo-booth and then share a cake made out of (what else?) pancakes.