It seems like anything goes in Las Vegas… right? After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what you might not know is that not everything actually does stay in Vegas, for the simple fact that there are some things you just aren’t allowed to do. While there are a plethora of rules you can break in Sin City, here are a few that you can’t…

You can’t rent a house
Coming to Las Vegas for a weekend? You may be used to getting an Airbnb with your friends for short-term getaways, but not in Sin City! Las Vegas passed an ordinance banning anything less than a month-long rental, so don’t even try to book one, as the fines are steep (nearly $30k!). Hotels in Las Vegas aren’t expensive for a reason, so even splurging for a suite won’t set you back if you shop around.

You can’t bring your pet
Sorry, Rover has to stay at home! That’s right – pets are banned from the Strip in Las Vegas, so you cannot bring your family dog on your next visit. Service dogs are a different story, but you have to have documentation to prove the animal’s validity. Trust us, you will be doing your dog a favor by keeping it at home!

You can’t feed the pigeons
There are seemingly just as many pigeons in Las Vegas as there are people, but it is actually against the law to feed them (and while we’re at it, you can’t feed the homeless, either). Visitors may think it’s funny to throw these birds a few leftover French fries, but repeatedly ignoring this ordinance can actually wind you up in prison.

You can’t jaywalk
There are many places in Las Vegas where pedestrian bridges take the place of crosswalks on the street, and they are there for a reason. Can you imagine drunk pedestrians trying to cross the busy Las Vegas Strip? This is why there are many parts of the Strip where it’s actually illegal to walk on the road. Try it and you will find yourself with a very sizeable citation from the Las Vegas police.

You can’t be underage
Sorry, but Las Vegas has to abide by the same rules as the rest of the U.S. If you’re under 21, you can hang by the pool all day and walk along the Strip, but don’t try getting into a club or casino. The legal age to drink and gamble is still 21, so if you’re under that and get caught, you can find yourself in major trouble with the law. Save your first Sin City trip until your 21st birthday or after!

You can’t hula hoop
We know, we know… this is the hardest rule of them all. Turns out, Las Vegas is full of street performers, but hula hoops take up so much room that they used to clog pedestrian walkways. While we know you were dying to whip out your hoop on the Strip, there is actually a law in Sin City prohibiting it. Who knew?

These are just a few of the things you can’t do – and while many of them are common sense, it’s good to be aware of the obscure rules that Las Vegas enforces. For example, you can take your drink into the streets with you, but you have to be moving from one destination to another and not just camping out on the sidewalks throwing back drinks. Knowing the rules ahead of time can keep you out of trouble and in the middle of the party all vacation long!