Instagram is one of the most exciting platforms for content creation, especially for travelers. Whether you have a specific Instagram aesthetic, or you’re just looking for a cool Insta-worthy photo op, these are the top places in Vegas we recommend to give you that perfect shot.

The Las Vegas Sign
This one seems to be a given, but if you have not yet been to this landmark to get a picture, then you’re missing out. This Vegas landmark is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, very close to the Mandalay Bay Resort. You know what they say: if you have not been to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, then were you ever really in Las Vegas? Tip: Take your photo at Sunset for prime lighting.

Downtown Street Art
This probably sounds very broad, but if you go downtown there are so many different places to get a good photo. Art surrounds the area, and the walls are covered with beautiful murals. There are also beautiful art structures around every corner. Here, the Instagram possibilities are endless. 

Neon Museum
This museum is home to a collection of Vegas neon signs from the 1930s to present day. They are dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting local signs to showcase Vegas’s history. Visit their website to schedule a guided or self-guided tour. Times vary based on the season.

Red Rock Canyon
Located a few miles west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a National Conservation Area known for its beautiful trails and scenic drive. Featuring many lookout spots, there is a picture location around every corner. The best part about taking a picture in Red Rock is that you won’t have to feel awkward posing for a picture in front of others, as the site offers ample places where you can escape the crowds.

Seven Magic Mountains
Worth the drive, this Instagram hot-spot is a content creator’s dream. These seven colorful rocks are so much fun to use as a background, and will definitely give your feed a pop of color. We recommend getting here early, because the place fills up fast – not to mention that the summer months are hot in Vegas!

Caesars Palace
Every hotel has its hidden gems and great picture worthy spots, but the best place to get a picture is right outside of the Caesars Palace close to the Absinthe tent near Las Vegas Boulevard. This location gives you the best background with the Paris sign and surrounding hotels. You will rarely find people in this little nook so shoot away and have fun.