Families play together when visiting Las Vegas, and some families even perform together in Cirque du Soleil productions on the Strip. Whether through the musical magic of The Beatles LOVE, the sensuality of Zumanity or the wonder of Mystère, families come together both on and off stage. Traditions are passed from generation to generation as performers related to each other continue to entertain audiences in the enchanting arena of Cirque du Soleil.

Brian & Nicky Dewhurst
A native of England, Brian Dewhurst was born into a circus family and performed as a tightrope walker in traditional circuses and variety shows throughout the world. His son Nicky followed in his footsteps, and the father and son duo would perform together in various shows. In the 1980s, Brian discovered Cirque du Soleil and was invited, along with his son Nicky and daughter Salley, to perform a tightrope act in touring shows. Brian then worked behind the scenes until 2000 to become a performer again. After pursuing other projects, Nicky rejoined Cirque du Soleil as Pink Guy in Mystère, teaming up with his father as the clown Brian Le Petit until 2005. Nicky then joined the cast of Zumanity, creating the clown character Dick, and recently created new clown acts for the production. Brian continues to perform in Mystère and Nicky costars with his wife Laetitia in Zumanity. Now that’s a close family!

The Alexis Brothers
Brothers Marco and Paulo Lorador demonstrate an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina in Mystère.  Developed through years of intense training, the movements, performed on the rotating dome, require the duo to rely on perfect precision as well as strength. The brothers hail from a family that is dedicated to the circus arts, and were 7 and 9 years old when they performed for the first time under the Big Top. It was their father Alexis who inspired them and, to pay tribute, they named their act The Alexis Brothers. Their admiration for their father and the circus greatly enhances each performance.

Alberto Del Campo & Sons
Originally from Spain, Alberto Del Campo began his acrobatic career in Europe before moving to the United States to pursue his dream. After performing in , Del Campo now raises the bar as a Sailor in The Beatles LOVE. His profession became a family affair when his two children, Alex and Zack, were cast as Kids of Liverpool in The Beatles LOVE. It is all about love between a father and his sons, and audiences experience this during each performance.

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