It’s easy to assume that the Strip is all there is to Las Vegas. Whether you’re viewing it from a plane or from the ground, the 4.2 mile stretch of road dominates the city. But if you’ve only stayed on the Strip when visiting Las Vegas, you’re missing out on so much else that the city has to offer. From the vintage vibes and neighborhood feel of Fremont Street to the Red Rock Canyon views that make Summerlin so special, there is much to see in Las Vegas if you’re willing to venture away from Caesars Palace and its neighboring casinos. 

Going off-Strip offers you an opportunity to see other neighborhoods, rub elbows with local Las Vegans and enjoy a more peaceful environment – well, slightly more peaceful; it is still Las Vegas. As an added bonus, hotel rooms at off-Strip casinos are often cheaper than the ones on the Strip. If you’re ready to venture away from Las Vegas Blvd., consider these options:

The Plaza
The Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas has a slightly gritty but still glamorous 1970s feel (it’s no wonder that a scene from the movie Casino was shot on-site). Rooms here are usually very cheap and there’s a Palm Springs-inspired rooftop pool with views of Fremont Street. 

El Cortez 
On the other end of Fremont Street, you’ll find the El Cortez. Built in 1941, this casino is exactly what you picture when you imagine a smoky, old-fashioned Las Vegas haunt. Play the slots, grab a martini, and be sure to snap of a photo of the iconic pink neon sign outside.

Golden Nugget
Arguably the fanciest Downtown Las Vegas property, the Golden Nugget is your best bet if you want the luxury of a Strip property with a Fremont Street zip code. Also, if you go to the pool at the Golden Nugget, you can slide through a literal shark tank filled with real live sharks. You won’t find that amenity on the Strip.

Red Rock Casino
Located in Summerlin on the west side of Las Vegas, this upscale off-Strip property is perfect for a weekend of pampering. After hiking in nearby Red Rock Canyon, treat yourself to a few hours at the spa and then unwind with a tropical drink at the hotel’s palm tree adorned pool. The restaurants here are upscale, and there’s an outdoor shopping mall just steps away. 

Silverton Casino 
The Silverton lies south of the Strip on Blue Diamond Road. The main attraction here is the Mermaid Lounge, a cocktail bar with views of a saltwater aquarium where actual mermaids swim. The affordable property also has a great Asian restaurant nestled inside a Mexican restaurant.  

Palace Station
Palace Station is a great option for travelers who want to be near the Strip, but don’t want to deal with all of the traffic and chaos that comes with actually staying on it. Situated just a few blocks west of the Strip, Palace Station has affordable rooms, a locally loved casino, and a movie theater that serves a full menu of food and cocktails. There’s also a fantastic oyster bar that’s open 24 hours a