Las Vegas is known as one of the top places in the world to enjoy an adult beverage (or two, or five). Vegas has thousands of bars, clubs and cocktail lounges, offering everything from nickel beers and 100-ounce margaritas to $2,500 champagne cocktails and all-you-can drink breakfast buffets.

What Las Vegas isn’t as known for, however, is its after-party scene. But pull back the curtain on Sin City’s sparkly, Champagne-coated façade and you’ll find a network of spas, brunches and day clubs that cater to the over-partied and hungover. The following is a list of five places to ease your aching head, soothe your sore feet and cure your epic, Vegas-sized hangover.

Herringbone at The Aria Resort & Casino
After a night out on the town, the bleary-eyed teeter out of their hotel rooms and into Herringbone, a popular brunch spot located in the Aria Resort and Casino. With a 10,000-square-foot sun-drenched patio, Herringbone offers a comfy spot to soak in some Vitamin D while you nibble on Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes and sip fresh fruit juice (or Everlasting Mimosas and Bellinis, if you’re feeling ready for Round Two).

The Spa at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Escape all reminders of drunken shenanigans from the night before at The Spa at Encore Hotel and Casino. Breathe in the calming scents of lavender as you let the bath’s hot mineral waters sooth your aching muscles. With a treatment line from Ling (that even the Wynn Family reportedly uses), and a state-of-the-art facility, you can relax knowing you’re booze-battled body is in expert hands. If your head is still pounding after a soak, try the Encore Escape Ritual. It features a combination of massage styles followed by a warm wrap and scalp massage. 

Daylight at Mandalay Bay
Sometimes the best way to stave off a bad hangover is to just power (or “party”) through it. Proving that the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun comes up, the day club Daylight at the Mandalay Bay offers a “night club experience” in, well, broad daylight. Inspired by the wild and exotic party scene in Ibiza, Daylight features a massive pool and a who’s-who list of music headliners. For guests wishing to splurge on the VIP experience, Daylight also offers a dedicated valet and parking area with direct pool access. After the sun begins to set again, you can sweat out the tequila shots and “Om” away the impending hangover with Daylight’s poolside yoga sessions.

Hangover Heaven
When your usual go-to hangover cures aren’t working, it may be time to call in the pros. Enter Hangover Heaven (aka “The Hangover Bus”), a 45-foot mobile hangover treatment clinic that also offers in-room treatments by request. More than just a clever gimmick, this facility combines resort-style comfort with a medical treatment facility that’s staffed by an actual medial doctor and RNs. Guests are treated with IVs containing a saline mixture of vitamins, antioxidants and medication while they rest, watch TV or listen to music. Recently featured on The Travel Channel’s Mega RV Countdown, this is one of those “Only in Vegas” experiences that’s almost worth the pain from the 12 rum shots you downed the night before (almost).

Stay Well Suites at MGM Grand
Sometimes the simplest hangover cure is the best. You can sleep off your hangover at The Stay Well Suites at MGM Grand, a selection of rooms designed to “renew, recharge, and refresh.” While the suites are outfitted to ease the effects of jet lag, the same comforts that soothe the weary traveler – like personalized lighting and aromatherapy – can also soothe the weary over-indulger. Take a Vitamin C-infused shower, then treat your dehydrated skin with state-of-the-art light therapy. Afterwards, catch up on your Z’s in a heavenly king-sized pillow-top bed, and let the Sandman take you (and your hangover) away.