The biggest question isn’t “What is the best time to visit Las Vegas?” but rather “Is there a bad time to visit Sin City?” The answer to that is a resounding NO! That’s right – Las Vegas is a great destination year-round for patrons. Whether you’re looking to book a bachelor/bachelorette party, see Las Vegas shows, or just want a weekend of fun with friends exploring the best attractions, there is no bad time to let loose in Sin City. However, there are a few factors to take into account when it comes to planning the best time for your next Las Vegas excursion. From the best time of year to get a good deal on a hotel to the best time to visit for optimal weather, keep reading below to determine what is the best time for you!

The best time for good hotel rates
One might think that Las Vegas would be most expensive in the summer, when the pools are at peak capacity and bachelor/bachelorette parties are in full swing. But it’s quite the contrary! Las Vegas hotel rates are actually the cheapest in the summer, especially July and August when the heat is the most intense. If you do plan to visit during the summer, there are plenty of indoor activities/shows to partake in, so don’t let that stop you from visiting Sin City during this part of the year!

Hotel rates also rise on the weekends in Las Vegas, so don’t be surprised if you could get a hotel for four week nights for the same price as a two-night weekend stay. On average, hotel rooms are most expensive in April, September and October, and also around all major holidays.   

The best time for good weather
If you want to plan your Las Vegas trip around the weather, it’s good to know ahead of time what you will be dealing with. From November through February, expect average highs in the 60s, while lows can reach down into the upper 30s. March and April warm up to the mid-70s/low 80s (same for October), while May and September see highs in the 90s. From June until August, the temps can get well into the 100s, with highs even getting as high as 110! The good news is, no matter what month you choose to visit, the most rainfall you can expect in one month in Las Vegas is two days per month, which happens at the beginning of the year. Depending on what your definition of good weather is, Las Vegas has a range and climate that will please everyone!  

The best (and busiest) season
Believe it or not, the busiest time for Las Vegas is January through April, when temperatures are cooler and some of the largest conventions in the country hold their annual gatherings in Sin City. Expect larger crowds during this time, especially during March and April when the weather gets a little warmer. Year-round, however, you can expect Sin City to pick up each and every weekend, as this city is a popular weekend destination for travelers. For the lowest travel times, pick a weekday vacation in the middle of summer or right before or after a major holiday!

No matter what time of year you visit Las Vegas, you can expect to have the same level of entertainment, shows, world-class dining and availability at all of the casino tables you could ever want. Factor in all of the above dynamics, but rest in one thing – there is never a bad time to visit Sin City!