After almost two decades of putting people under his spell, Las Vegas hypnotist Marc Savard has created a mesmerizing show that audiences can’t seem to get enough of. With real audience members volunteering to be hypnotized nightly, there’s no telling where the show will go, but no matter where it takes the audience one thing is certain - it will be hilarious! And right now you can be put under Marc Savard’s hilarious spell at V Theater in Planet Hollywood with savings over 45%.

Voted a Las Vegas “must-see,” Marc Savard has arrived! No two Marc Savard shows are alike that’s because the hypnotist takes everyday people like you and me and puts them in scenarios they might not normally be in if they weren’t under his control. When that happens, it’s up to the hypnotized to act out Marc’s commands and when they do it is nothing short of hilarious!

So what exactly makes this show so comical? Well, hypnotism, no matter what you’re using it for is always a little bit funny. The idea of controlling somebody’s actions while they “sleep” is a little devious and depending on what you make them do, there is room for it to be downright side-splitting. And Marc has his subjects do everything from freak out at the sound of bells, to falling in love with handshakes, river dancing like Michael Flatly and much more antics.

By the time Marc was 19 he had fully mastered the art of hypnotizing people. By 21 he was appearing in over 200 stage shows around the world as the youngest professional hypnotist. Then at 23, he had to use his own hypnosis techniques on himself when he was in a terrible car accident. Hit head on by a drunk driver Marc suffered a broken back and fractured skull and a grim prognosis from his doctors. But despite the odds, Marc made a quick recovery through the use of his hypnosis and without medication. Within six months he was back on stage helping others through this state of consciousness.

In addition to his hilarious Las Vegas show and his incredible ability to heal himself after the accident, Marc has also created an internationally acclaimed program teaching high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving and has even helped world class athletes win gold medals through his hypnosis.

Whether you choose to watch or be a part of the show, Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is a can’t-miss. And with savings up to 45% right here on Best of Vegas now you won’t miss one funny moment! You can catch Marc Savard at the V Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood six nights a week at 10:00 p.m.

Las Vegas, NV – 01/31/13