There’s no telling what kind of hilarious things you’ll do when you’re put under a hypnotic spell during his hit show, Hypnosis Unleashed at Hooters Reign Theatre. Men have been made to believe they are in labor, couples have fought over napkins they believe are $100 bills and there have been plenty of other side-splitting acts you’d never believe if you weren’t at the show. Plus, with the “Rock Star of Hypnosis” Kevin LePine at the helm of the Las Vegas show you can only imagine what kind of shenanigans he’ll put audience members through. And right now Best of Vegas is hypnotizing you with savings over 50% on the show!

There is just something about hypnotism that lures in people. Whether it’s used for quitting smoking or birthing classes, it’s a state of mind that everybody seems to want a piece of. Perhaps that’s why Hypnosis Unleashed founders Michael Johns and Terry Stokes capitalized on the idea and created what has become the longest running and funniest hypnotist show in Las Vegas. And now that they’ve chosen Kevin LePine to do their bidding, guests can expect even funnier and a little raunchier hypnotism bits that are definitely for adult’s eyes only.

Certified hypnotherapist, LePine begins the show by asking for volunteers who are willing to go under his spell. Warning! If you’re shy or not a good sport please don’t volunteer, LePine is sure to make you do some pretty embarrassing things in front of a room of strangers! If you decide to volunteer anyway and are chosen, get ready for a wild ride that you probably won’t remember. The outrageous and hilarious things he has you do are completely unpredictable and not like anything you’d find at Las Vegas’ other hypnotism shows. Couple that with LePine’s witty commentary and you have one of the most unusual and hilarious shows you may ever see on the Strip.

And if you’re skeptical about the “volunteers” LePine chooses, don’t be. There are no planted actors in the audience. Everybody who volunteers are real people who are really being hypnotized. The events will certainly making you a believer of the power of hypnotism. Plus, with different volunteers every show and the hilarious antics LePine has the members go through you’re almost guaranteed a different show every time you see it. And you will want to see it more than once!

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Las Vegas, NV – 12/12/12