‘Tis the season for giving and Ethel M Chocolates is giving chocolate lovers what they really want for Christmas– plenty of scrumptious chocolates and sweets with the release of the 2012 Holiday Collections and Classics. And if you’re going to check out the Hoover Dam while you’re in Las Vegas, many of the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam tours make a stop at Ethel M, so be ready for specialty chocolates and a very festive Botanical Cactus Garden display that’s perfect this Christmas season.

Make your holiday a decadent one with Ethel M Chocolates boxed collections including the 24-piece Holiday Deluxe Collection. This sweet package includes Ethel M classics like Almond Butter Krisps, Milk and Dark Caramels and Satin Cremes. And of course you can enjoy the tastes of the holiday with Eggnog and Pumpkin Pie.

Other Ethel M holiday packages include the Holiday Genuine Tin filled with Ethel M’s favorites and vintage pieces including Nutty Meltaway, Lemon Caramel and Honey Almond Nougat. And the exciting thing about this package, other than the mouthwatering treats is it comes in a keepsake tin. There is also a collection that includes the 21-piece tart and Lemon Satin Crème. And if you’re looking to spice up your holiday treats and keep the kids out of your stash try the 36-piece Crème Liquers featuring chocolate rum, bourbon, amaretto, Irish crème, coffee and orange liquers. If you’d rather put together your own chocolate collection you can do so with the “Design Your Own” Collection, available in both single and double layer holiday boxes.

Be sure to include some of Ethel M’s beloved holiday sweet treats like Peppermint Bark, crushed peppermint bits swirled with white chocolate placed on a bed of dark chocolate; Holiday Nut & Caramel Collection, a mix of milk, dark and nut caramel pieces; Almond Butter Krisp Tin, nut-covered toffee pieces and the Classic and Chocolate Pecan Brittle.

And if you’re not sure you can commit to one of Ethel M Chocolates’ Collections, you can always get a taste of the famous Las Vegas confectionary on one of Best of Vegas’ many tours.

That’s right, several of the tours to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon cap off the day with a stop at Ethel M Chocolate Factory where guests can learn how the chocolate is made and sample some of the confectionary treats. The tours that make a stop at the chocolate shop include Lake Mead Cruise & Hoover Dam Tour by Airbridge, Hoover Dam City Deluxe Tour by Airbridge, Hoover Dam Mining Tour and more.

For a sweeter holiday this December check out Ethel M’s new chocolate collections and if you want to couple that with a Las Vegas tour look for discounted tickets right here on Best of Vegas.

What is more dangerous: decorating a cacti garden for Christmas or resisting Ethel M’s chocolate?

Las Vegas, NV - 11/29/12