In today's era of heightened reality, the world of entertainment continues to become more immersive. From 3-D movies to interactive video games, audiences yearn to be a part of the action. Now The STRAT Hotel Casino invites you to ascend to the cosmos of Celestia with the new STAR VIP Experience.

Celestia fondly harkens back to the days of pure circus artistry that many of us grew up with. Live music, death-defying acts, dazzling lighting and a large cast of international talent come together under a glorious Big Top that is unlike anything Las Vegas has ever seen. The interior of the tent is awash in astral projections that transport the audience beyond the planets and to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. 

The STAR VIP Experience allows up to eight guests at a time to witness the magic of Celestia right on stage with the performers. You will feel the heat as flaming batons fill the starry sky and gasp in awe as acrobats sail through the air, mere inches from your seat. Surrounded by musicians, dancers, aerialists and contortionists, you'll be drawn into the show in a way never before possible.

The journey of Celestia's characters culminates in the Wheel of Death, a massive spinning structure on which two daredevils run, jump, skip rope and flip. As a STAR VIP, you'll feel the rush of air as the Wheel of Death spins faster and faster. Your seats will rumble from the shockwave created by the giant device, and your heart will skip a few beats as you witness this amazing climax closer than ever before.

Celestia's new STAR VIP Experience is more than an artist's-eye-view of the performance. As a participant, you'll be welcomed into the Big Top through a dedicated entrance, where you'll receive a commemorative laminate, hot fresh popcorn and a cocktail or beverage. Members of the cast will greet you before the show begins, and personally escort you to your onstage vantage point for 70 minutes of award-winning excitement. 

Individual photo opportunities wrap up the experience, including onstage pics with artists in front of the famed Wheel of Death. Then you'll receive a tote bag filled with Celestia merchandise before returning to the Earth-bound confines of your everyday world. 

Since opening, Celestia has set itself apart from its Vegas counterparts in numerous ways. The Big Top's north-Strip location makes Celestia a unique gateway to the city's Arts District. Late last year, the show's outdoor courtyard began hosting Artists' Square, a weekend showcase provided free-of-charge to local artists. Performance pieces and stationary exhibits will greet visitors each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. 

Every Friday and Sunday at 4 p.m., Celestia hosts an Open House inside their 30,000-square-foot tent. Also complimentary, these 30-minute forums give new visitors and returning fans alike the rare opportunity to meet performers and learn what it takes to be a part of the circus. You can witness their challenging training techniques and enjoy awe-inspiring demonstrations of their amazing skills. 

Celestia performs Wednesday through Sunday at 7 p.m. with an additional 9 p.m. performance on select weekend nights. The show is appropriate for all ages.