Celine Dion, the queen of blockbuster movie ballads, unveiled her latest hit song “Ashes,” which appears in the newest Deadpool film.

"In my career, I have been offered incredible songs and projects," Dion, 50, wrote in a French-language Tweet, Thursday. "Ashes is one of those songs, and Deadpool 2 is out of the ordinary! Prepare to live breathtaking moments with @deadpoolmovie indoors on May 18 ... You'll die laughing!"

The superstar singer debuted the song last week at her residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The song is accompanied with a music video where Dion performs the song at what looks like her Vegas residency venue. Dion doesn’t hold back in her performance either, with her usual dramatic hand gestures as she wears a flowing power-blue gown. While she sings, slow-motion footage from Deadpool 2 is interspersed throughout. Halfway through the song, a string quartet appears on stage, as does Deadpool himself, who accompanies Dion’s performance with an interpretive dance.

The video ends with Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, applauding Dion, but informing her that she’ll have to shoot the video again because her performance was too good. “This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic,” Deadpool jokes. "You're at like an 11, we need to get you down to a five, five-and-a-half tops. Just phone it in."

Dion has her own witty comeback saying, "Listen, this thing only goes to 11. So beat it, Spider-Man."

The song and video, which trended at #1 on YouTube, will be featured during Celine’s shows at the Colosseum through her 2018 Asia-Pacific tour.

Deadpool 2, which features Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarat, Zadie Beetz, Julian Dennison, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Jack Kesy and Stefan Kapicic opened worldwide last weekend and immediately took the top spot at the box office.