For over twenty years, Cirque Du Soleil has been a fixture of Las Vegas entertainment. In that time, this celebrated institution has created six different spectacular shows. With these many offerings, it can be a challenge to choose the correct one for your personal preferences. Read on to find out exactly which Cirque Du Soleil show is the right experience for you.

Mystère – at Treasure Island
Cirque Du Soleil’s longest-running show pairs fantastical costumes with unmatched acrobatic athleticism. This Vegas classic also adds a dash of humor in the grand tradition of any big top circus. A great introduction into the world of Cirque performances, this experience can serve as an evening out for the whole family to enjoy. Children, as well as adults, can share in the awe inspired by gravity-defying routines and laughter induced by flights of fancy. The focus here is solely on the performances, without distractions.  

The Beatles LOVE – at The Mirage
This show truly capitalizes on the sense of whimsy and excitement drawn from the timeless music of the Beatles. Here you will feel immersed in an action-packed fever dream scored by some of the famous band’s most persistent hits. This experience is for the young and old alike. You’ll find yourself humming the songs and thinking of the amazing stunts long after the proverbial curtain comes down. A colorful homage to the best of what the ‘60s and ‘70s had to offer.

– at MGM Grand
Of the six performances, KÀ is the one with what most closely resembles a plot. There is a definite beginning, middle and end, with rising action and conflict. If you’re interested in enjoying mind-bending acrobatic feats alongside a story of bravery and sacrifice, this is the one for you. It also features a technical wonder in the form of the KÀ stage. This should be particularly interesting for those with an inclination toward movie magic, scenic design or any sort of large-scale mechanical marvels.

O – at Bellagio Hotel & Casino
If artistry and elegance are what you’re after in your theater-going experience, look no further than O. In this performance, water becomes the conduit for imaginative and surreal imagery. The interesting visuals, in congruence with the entertainers’ exciting ballet, will produce gasp after gasp. This confounding dream, filled with contradictions and death-defeating acts, is sure to awaken all the senses. Prepare to sit in bewilderment while each act builds on the tension of the last, leading toward a fiery climax.     

Michael Jackson ONE – at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
The King of Pop lives on in a high-octane adventure, filled with moments designed to make your jaw drop. Musical and choreographic highlights of Michael Jackson’s decade-spanning career fuel the dramatic frenzy of this performance. The thrill is further enhanced by a groundbreaking light display, which includes illumination elements such 300 custom-created LED fixtures. This show is for fans of precision choreography and creative dance routines, as well as popular music and surprising performances.

Zumanity – at New York New York Hotel & Casino
The naughty side of Cirque Du Soleil is an eighteen and over cabaret-burlesque experience. Through sensual vignettes, the performers entice and excite while achieving marvelous feats. This show is favored among couples, as it highlights several romantic fantasies. Add this to your Vegas itinerary for more than just a splash of lusty fun. Any replication of the acts shown on stage should be done at your own risk. After all, you will be watching professionals. Make sure to watch them closely.